To overcome evil with good.

Let the good win in our lives.
You must have experienced a situation where two people first started arguing verbally. One, he cursed at the first and the second at first. Then, the insults escalated, slowly approaching the battle. And these two people became enemies for life and death. The Lord Jesus tells us, “Do not resist evil. If someone hits you after with the right cheek, set him up the other ”(Mt 5:39).
At first glance, it would seem that Jesus wants us to leave us free to spread evil. If someone does something wrong, we should leave him or him happy; we are to help continue the evil. We do not distribute such a way of injustice? Let’s put everything in perspective. Basic the key to correct understanding is the phrase, “Do not resist evil.” We do not have to oppose evil as such, absolutely evil, nor the evil, the devil. Badman that is the one who hurts me. Jesus does not deny that he is a bad person. He doesn’t ask us to pretend to be different! Jesus does not want us not to retaliate for evil.

Jesus wants us never to seek revenge. We prefer to suffer injustice, how to do injustice. We have to answer evil with good. Because evil repays with an even greater evil, the insult returns with an even greater insult. She had remorse repaid by angry words; oil is poured into the fire, evil grows, personal retribution rages unabated. When she lets it run, it ends in decay, disruption, chaos, the struggle of all against all.3 We already read in the Old Testament how God tells the Israelites that He alone includes retribution and revenge (cf. Deut 32:25). Or the Book of Proverbs says that we are not to repay others according to our deeds (cf. Prov. 24:29). Against evil, fight only with love and goodness. As St. Paul says, “Do not repay evil for evil, or a curse for curse; but rather, bless ”(1 Peter 3: 9). if we show love, mercy, goodness to a man who does evil to us, so be it sooner turn around. If he sees our love, finds out that he has done evil, then he will change his life and go on the path of repentance.

Let’s look now at the Old Testament, the figure of David. As Saul persecuted him, though David did him no harm, he was very anxious beneficial. And when David was fled from Saul, he entered into a cave. To this cave, Saul also came. David began to talk to take revenge on Saul. However, David secretly cut off the edge of Saul’s cloak. And he said, “Let the Lord be far from it to me! I will not do this to my master! ” When Saul heard this, he stopped to persecute David because he saw that he had no anger in him (cf. 1 Sam 24: 1-22). In this story, although it is difficult, it is beneficial if your own we will show love to the enemy. Only love is the only force it can turn the enemy into a friend; only love has creative and liberating power. Lord, Jesus Christ, teach us that in retribution, we will not solve anything. Give us the grace to understand that only love can transform evil. Let us act according to your mercy, and so we follow you, the innocent lamb you are. He also laid down his life for his enemies.

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“It is hidden from them – and they want it – that or is long gone and
that the earth has risen By God’s word… ” (2Pt 3.5 )
The world (and we with it) exists as an idea in God’s mind:
• God thinks of us – and we exist.
• If he forgot about us – we would disappear… God’s revelation, basically, says the world exists in God similar to, for example, a virtual world computer game that exists in the computer. Given this analogy, what do you think why God is…:
• invisible?
• Almighty?
• omniscient?
• ubiquitous?
He could do the same, not to be? Reasonable Answer = 1 Credit Today What Other Divine Characteristics Should you have proved from this analogy deduce? Reasonable Answer = 1 Today’s Credit A character from a computer game can’t “Jump out” and look at the computer,  which exists, nor to the programmer or player. Therefore, the computer is invisible to her… … Even though the computer is much more real than just the “virtual world “of computer games and characters, they live by him!
So is God inaccessible to our sense we cannot be with Him meet “from face to face faces ” as with by someone else creature?
– Not because he is less than human, because “he has nobody”…
-… but because it is, on the contrary, infinitely more and more real than a man who is “just a body”! Still, for the virtual world, A computer game is a computer itself “Invisible” yet REAL – more real than the whole game and its world! – And he has an almost infinite number of possibilities, how to intervene in this virtual world, or communicate with its “inhabitants,” build relationships with them (if he can), and similarly.
GOD  IS  also REAL – he the most real of the real. There are a huge number of ways how God manifests in the world. The meaning of Christianity is not to “believe in the existence of God ”(we know for sure!), but
LIVING WITH GOD: truly, tangibly, to form a relationship with Him and a very close community!
God’s Name JHWH: “Who Is” … Expresses God’s REALITY, on the one hand, proximity: “Who is with you! Man… discovers certain “paths” to reach the knowledge of God. They are also called “evidence of the existence of God,” but not in terms of the evidence they seek in natural sciences, but as “consistent and convincing arguments ” that make it possible to obtain a true one certainty. ” (KKC 31)
• For example, history works similarly, criminology, forensic science,… – all only They inherit something for sure they didn’t see, they can’t see, they can’t touch, nor demonstrated “in a test tube,” such as biologist…
In practice, therefore, we encounter statements that, on the one hand, “there is no (direct) proof of the existence of God, ” on the other hand, we know for sure that it exists – from His manifestations and other signs of His presence. God is present in everything and pervades everything – from galaxies to the last quark – simply because it wouldn’t exist if it were not in God! God keeps all things powerful word. ” (Heb 1: 3)
Anything on the computer game and its world exists and is happening; it exists only because it is constantly maintained and generated by the processor of the computer that is so in all – to the last
pixel – present and everything “Penetrates”. Without it, there would be nothing in the game’s virtual world; it could not exist. Similarly, God knows, but in a way, even “living together,” everything is happening in the Universe, including the fate of each man. “Sir, you examine me and know everything about me.” By far, you can perceive my thoughts… all my paths are known to you. Although still a word I don’t even have a tongue, you, Lord, already know what I want to say. You surround me in front of behind, and you lay your hand on me. ” (Ps 139: 1-5)
For this reason, the computer perfectly, accurately, and unmistakably knows and knows everything in the virtual world of computer games that create happens. In essence, he can’t do this virtual world computer game be something the computer would not “know” about. Similarly, God knows, but in a way, even “living together,” everything is happening in the Universe, including the fate of each man. “Sir, you examine me, and you know everything about me.” by far, you perceive my thoughts… all mine the paths are known to you. Although I don’t have a word yet tongue, you, Lord, already know what I want to say. You surround me from the front and the back, and you put me in your hand. ” (Ps 139: 1-5)
For this reason, the computer perfectly, accurately, and unmistakably knows and knows everything in the virtual world of computer games that create happens. In essence, he can’t do this virtual world computer game be something the computer would not “know” about.
God not only perfectly knows the presence, but he also knows perfectly also PAST,  THE FUTURE, because he himself is OUT TIME.

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Encourage people to use words judiciously and pass on information
We live in a time when promises are not kept. The word is priceless. Not only individuals and nations, and states sign treaties but immediately break them and default. How many marital vows at marriage are not fulfilled. In this company of wrath and lies, we Christians must be known, for by our word, we will observe at all times.
In today’s Gospel, the Lord told His disciples, and it is true of course also for us: “Let your speech be” yes-yes, “no-no “(Mt 5:37).
In these few sentences, the Lord Jesus deals very deeply with the eighth commandments. It not only repeats the ban on false oaths, but adds a ban at all to swear. Jesus clearly and firmly opposes the abuse of that time of swearing and against the punishment of valid and invalid oaths. According to Jesus, it is not an ever-needed oath of affirmation and confirmation in everyday life truth. Here is complete truthfulness without any reassuring oath, the only guarantee of true brotherhood. The scribes have consistently sworn as well in everyday matters. However, Jesus says, “Do not swear at all” (Mt 5:34).
Do not use all those reassuring and binding or non-binding oaths at all. You know God is included in these oaths. Jesus’ disciple is to say Yes, or No, I am to be truthful. We do not think that Christ commands us to use the one-syllable with these words’ speech Not. He wants to teach us how direct and unambiguous we should be. Yes, let it be yes. No, let it not. There is no compromise. We have to speak and truth. From such a pure attitude, they grow simple and true interpersonal relationships. But what have we done in life from our words and behavior Confusion? We have sown distrust and constant suspicion. From store to politics, from family to international relations. Deceiving is an almost effort each and all. And that entangles life and interpersonal encounters. Then even the most common information becomes questionable. Many people also say yes, nor not, depending on what is profitable. They speak without conviction. They repeat phrases. They adapt to opinion. They say what is nice to others. However, the liar is sooner. Whether it manifests itself later, the truth will come out. It cannot be neutral. Who is reluctant to stand on the side of truth is already on the side of lies. To be vague, to be double means the loss of friends. Our words are a mirror of our mind and the voice of the heart.

If we are internally filled with the truth, we will have no problem standing up to the side of the truth, speak the truth. What are my words? I say what you are too, I mean? Or do I think one and speak the other? So also St. James, in his letter he warns us, “Let your yes be yes and no let it be, lest you fail the court ”(James 5:12).
For our eyes to be a real yes and not a real no, let us also learn
from the following story. A panting friend ran up to Socrates and gasped his breath began to say, “Listen, Socrates, I must tell you something important ‘you’re a friend…” “Wait,” the sage interrupted, “did you sift what you want to tell me through three sieves?”
“Over three sieves?” The messenger wondered.
“Yes, through three sieves. The first sieve is true. You’re sure all you want to tell me is following the truth? ”
“I don’t know, he told me….”
“Yes, yes, but you must have sifted it through a second sieve, and that’s good. If that’s what you want me to say is not true, it is definitely good. “
“Vice versa!”
“Well,” the philosopher interrupted, “use the third sieve and think about what You want to say it is necessary. “
“Necessary? Probably not.”
“Then,” Socrates smiled, “if what you want to tell me is not true, not even good, not necessarily, don’t bother yourself or me. “
Let us sift our words through three sieves, truth, goodness, and necessity. If we do this, our eyes will be yes and no will not. These will be Jesus’ witnesses and propagators of the truth. The strength to make us prosper, please, even at this Holy Mass.

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Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time B Mk 4,26-34

Indeed, the parables of the Lord Jesus on the “germination of sown seed” and the “mustard seed” point to the “Kingdom of God” (Mark 4: 46,30).

The Lord Jesus takes parables from the peasant environment, which today’s man easily understands. In parables, he points to the growth of the kingdom of God. Each of them wants to say something. The parable of the germination of the sown seed emphasizes the power of growth, which is hidden in the grain itself. It is not the farmer who gives the strength to germinate the grain, nor does it affect the gradual growth, that it is “first the stalk, then the ear, and finally the full grain in the class” (Mark 4:28). However, this does not mean that the farmer is not to blame, yet he must cultivate the ground and sow the grain. Whether man “sleeps or gets up, night or day, the seed germinates and grows, and he does not know” (Mark 4:27). Jesus thus points to the kingdom of God, which is governed by his own truths, which is not the fruit of technology. Thus, the kingdom of God has a period of germination, growth, maturation, and harvest in society, as well as in every human being. Often man and even society do not realize it. God has His ways of realizing His plans. In the second parable of the mustard seed, Jesus wants to emphasize that what seems small and insignificant to a man when he grows up outgrows everything that man himself wanted to do. And the harvest? This is the time of God, but the fruit of the effort serves the man who worked to do God’s will. The lazy servant loses even the little he has received and is justly punished; the industrious servant will hear the words of praise and reward: “Correct, good and faithful servant, thou hast been faithful over a few; I have set thee over many; enter into the joy of thy master” (Mt 25:23). The peasant in the parable not only does what he is supposed to do but is also filled with trust in God. Apostle St. In his second reading to the Corinthians, Paul writes: “We are still full of confidence … because we live in faith … we strive to please him, for we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, that every one may receive retribution for what he did while he was in the flesh. Whether good or bad ”(2 Cor 5: 6-10). The apostle does not want to have power over the weather, nature; he only wants to do what God asks of him. St. Paul writes, “I have planted, Apollos watered, but God has increased” (1 Cor 3: 6).
The truth hidden in these parables is proof of faith. After two thousand years, we have evidence of Jesus’ care for the Church. Our faith should be greater than that of the early Christians. We are witnessing that the number has grown from a few thousand to more than a billion people. The Church, founded by the Lord Jesus, has gone through various stages of prosperity and persecution. He’s here today. He lives. Today, Jesus also addresses us with these parables. Our life is to answer the words of the Lord Jesus. Jesus wants from each of us an answer to his words. The answer is yes or no. Accepting his teachings and rejecting his teachings. God never resigns from man’s behavior, even though the man would stand above his abyss. God does not forsake him but expects man to accept him as his Lord and God. This obliges us that when we hear the words of Christ, we are obliged to carry them out in our lives. He who knowingly and voluntarily rejects the teachings of Christ is excluded from the kingdom of God. The Church represents on earth the “germination and beginning” of the Kingdom of God (cf. CCC 541). The kingdom of God is ready for all who do the word of God. At the end of time, the kingdom of God will reach its fullness. Then the righteous will reign with Christ forever, glorified in body and soul. Then God will be “all in all” (1 Cor 15:28).
It is necessary to realize that the Church conveys to us the truths that we are to fulfill in our lives. For this Church has spaces, churches, where the growth of our faith helps especially. The Lord Jesus appointed the Apostle Peter as the visible head of the Church. His successors, the popes, and with them all the bishops are teachers of faith and morals. It is a gift we have received from God. It is our duty to accept the gift. The giver of grain is God. We have to accept the grain of faith. This means allowing God’s word to grow in us. We are obliged to keep everything that is commanded to us. We do not know the day or the hours of our death. We should always be ready because we do not know our harvest day. Each grain has a different length of its vegetation. God does not want anything from us beyond our power. We are obliged to renounce all evil, sin. With each of us, God has a plan on earth. God has given us a Church that teaches us, leads us to a goal, the kingdom of God. We know that there are many difficulties and obstacles on this path. We have changed in the weather in nature. A man should seek the will of God and fulfill it in his life. One must not resign. He has hope in the Church.
Have you experienced anything like this? The man was looking for a place to find peace for his soul. He once entered a church where a priest and his believers prayed, “We neglected the things we were to do and did what we were not to do.” Then the man sighed and said quietly, “Thank you, God, for being found a way … “
It would help if you gave up your pride. Pride is a cocoon that does not belong to God’s role. Pride and every sin will prevent you from entering the kingdom of God. Man is invited to live in connection with God and grow into a bushy tree, the “Lebanese cedar.”
One parable about present-day life tells us that animals have gathered and complained to people that they are robbing them of many things. “They’re taking my milk,” the cow said. “They’re taking my eggs,” the hen said. “They’re taking my meat,” the pig said. “They’re hunting me to take my fat,” the whale said. And so on. Finally, the snail spoke. “And I have something they would like more than anything else. Something they would have robbed me of if they could. I have time.”

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Let’s learn to draw from the Heart that man pierced with a spear.

If someone asked you if you have a heart, what would be the answer? That I ask for stupidity? After all, every living person must have a heart! In the discussion on interpersonal relations on Slovak Radio, the remark was also made: “The number of people without a heart is growing.” How many people in our neighborhood suffer from the absence of love, heart in their family and neighborhood! Old children and a wife to husband, subordinate to superior talk about heartless heart, stone heart, incomprehensible heart … Yes, every living person has a heart. The heartbeats and a person’s life. He has no health problems with the heart, he has no stone in his chest, but the heart is a muscle of meat, and Lifeblood flows through it … We understand that the word “heart” also expresses love, a relationship with people or the character of the man. Blood and water came forth “(Jn 19:34) in connection with salvation, eternal life.

The call from the Litany to the Divine Heart of Jesus says: the spear breaks the heart. The Church Fathers, writers, theologians touch on salvation in this act. The pierced Heart of Jesus points to the love of God’s Son Jesus for the Father. Jesus boldly carried out the plan of salvation. The pierced Heart of Jesus represents love for people, “he loved them to the extreme” (Jn 13: 1). Jesus underwent the greatest sacrifice in human history when given as the whole self-sacrifice. The pierced Heart is a sign of the completeness of love, both supernatural and natural. The pierced heart is an image of the new life given to man by the Holy Spirit, especially through prayer, Holy Mass, the sacrament. The actions of a soldier, the piercing of the side of Christ with a spear, and the consequent flow of water and blood from the side of Christ is a sign that Jesus was indeed dead. That is, Jesus, born in Bethlehem and rose from the dead on the third day after being buried in a glorified body, is the true God. Thus, the old or new doctors, that is, the denial of the human nature of Christ, will not stand. The Gospels describe the death of the Lord Jesus, but this tragedy, the terrible death, the real death of Christ, is for us believers a sign of new life, the hope of eternal life. From this point of view, John’s description of the event of the piercing of the Heart is fundamental. Just as a strong spring of water gushed from a rock in the wilderness on which Moses struck, so from the heart of Christ pierced by a spear flowed water, which had the power to quench the thirst for those who would believe in Christ the Savior and Redeemer.

Water from the side of Christ is the gift of the Holy Spirit, which revives the divine life in us. The Church was born of the pierced Heart of the Lord Jesus. As a woman was born of Adam’s rib, so was the Church, his bride, born of the Savior’s pierced Heart. The Church was born of water and blood, baptism, and the Eucharist, which flow from the pierced Heart. “The marvelous mystery of the whole Church has been leaked from the side on the cross of the dead Christ” (SC 5). The Apostle St. John reminds us that Mary, the mother of Jesus, stood under the cross. She saw blood and water flowing from Son’s side. People, she understood Jesus’ words, “Woman, behold, thy son” (Jn 19:26), and John understood the words of Master Jesus: “Behold, thy mother” (Jn 19:27). The Church confesses for this event that she is entrusted to the maternal love of the Virgin Mary.

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Encourage people to strive for real relationships with their neighbors.
Snake experts say the rattlesnake is known to be trapped. If so, he becomes enraged and may bite himself and perish from his own poison. In the same way, a person can be destroyed when he keeps himself constant anger and rage; it acts as a poison and destroys his health. Doctors claim that chemical changes in our bodies under the influence of anger are harmful to certain authorities. Thus, man can be destroyed by his own anger. Jesus urged us today not to keep our anger at our neighbors in our hearts (cf. Mt 2: 23-24).
In the Gospels, we heard the first of Jesus’ so-called antithesis, which regulates The Old Testament with the same authority with which God proclaimed it. The first antithesis is concerned with the fifth commandment. God’s law looks not only at the deed but more deeply at the original deed, to the mind that is behind him. So Jesus reaches for the root and shows us that anger equals murder. Jesus addressed these words to his disciples. A flat disciple means to form a brotherhood. There must be no anger in this fraternity. What does it mean to get angry? Anger can manifest itself in two ways: inside and out. The anger inside means being bitter, bitter at your brother, being
internally upset, harboring anger, not associating with a brother, separating from him, and devouring internally. Anger on the outside means being upset, exploding, treating a brother, being ruthless, being vicious, manifesting ruthless thinking, get angry. It’s all murder on my brother. Where they are in the heart, all the above-mentioned kinds of anger were present; there is the disciple already deserved to be judged in action because he became his brother’s murderer.
Jesus asks that we not limit our righteousness to external acts, to refrain from evil deeds, but to strengthen this justice in their thoughts, desires, desires, and everything in general internal acts. We are to make and perfect the kingdom of heaven with all his being, and therefore with all his thoughts. The ambition of the sincere, it is the man to be as he is within. Jesus’ words, which we have heard today, are solemn. Let’s be honest, often to them; we pay no attention. It surprises us; to be honest, it’s too much justice. However, we have experience with ourselves. If we keep in our heart anger, we wish our opponent badly, we don’t want anything to do with him, and they were we would like it not to exist for us. Well, whether this attitude is not spiritual, meaning murder? Under the influence of anger, we often say words to us later, and sometimes for the rest of their lives, they regret. We need not act in anger. Let’s try to get rid of anger first, reconcile with our brother. One gentleman says: “My co-worker wrote a bad letter to his father in anger. I advised him not to send him because he wrote him under the influence of anger. He didn’t listen, but he asked me to put the letter in the mailbox because he didn’t make it himself. I know he did not throw. I waited until the next day. In the morning, a worried colleague came to work: Georg, I am very sorry that I sent a letter to my father yesterday. It can lead to a stroke. He had I obey you. I wouldn’t know what to do to get him back. I pulled out a sheet from the bag and handed it to him. He was happy. ” Let’s start fighting anger inside today. Let’s start with this for a while. And since this fight is not easy, let us ask for strength to persevere in it.

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Keeping the commandments.

Encourage people to live their lives by God’s commandments. Many people nowadays long for change. The old ones consider it overcome. What is young, modern, they approve of. Many would like God the commandments to be abolished, not to have to behave according to them.
In the Gospels, Jesus speaks of the commandments: “He who keeps them, and so will to teach, he shall be great in the kingdom of heaven ”(Mt 5:19). Jesus explains that the law must be kept to the smallest detail. And if any of the disciples disregard some of the least commandments, and he would explain it as unimportant, he would be the smallest in the Kingdom of Heaven. However, the teacher and the one who fulfills even the smallest commandment will be in Heaven’s
kingdom big. Jesus appears almost like a friend of the Pharisees. After all, they were what they complied with the Law in the smallest detail. We ask: What is meant by Law here, with the smallest commandments? What does it mean to meet? How God cannot recall
his promises in the Old Testament, but he sent Jesus so that he would not repeal his law, but he sent his Son to fill him. The Old Testament promises are by then resemble only an empty container until they become an event of the events for which it applies. Only by carrying out the events of the New Testament is the vessel filled. As empty predictions are unfilled, the Law is empty until all the obedience that belongs to him is manifested. They are in Jesus Christ now the prophecies and the Law has been fulfilled; that is, they have become a reality. Jesus’ life was the unique realization of what the prophecies and the Law demand. Fulfillment Of the Law, as Jesus thinks, does not consist of mechanical, external, literally keeping the commandments and all the additions and additions. Still, love is the fulfillment of the Law. When everyone, even the enemy, is loved, only then the Law and the words of the prophets are filled in, in their own sense, in a comma, and by letters.
Each one of us is called to fill our lives with love. But love none of us acquire automatically. To have her, we have to take care of her, make an effort. The more we keep to God’s commandments, the more hours will be life to resemble Jesus. And the more our life is like Jesus, the more our life will be filled with love. Jesus himself showed us the way. He loved all people without distinction. He didn’t look at which social class he was from, but he also met people whom others despised. Let’s think about how we are doing. Do we follow God’s commandments in our lives? While maintaining them, we do not have to worry about losing our freedom. Obedience to the commandments elevates man to true size, as we clearly hear: “Who is them, he shall be great in the kingdom of heaven ”(Mt 5:19).

In its size, it results from his union with God and God’s will. Who keeps the commandments? He wants the same thing that God desires and fulfills what God wants to fulfill through him. And just a man who does God’s will establishes a strong position in heaven’s kingdom. Nowadays, many drivers ride their cars according to their own ideas.
They do not follow the maximum permitted speed, do not respect traffic signs, and behave very arrogant. Often such drivers end their journey tragically and do not reach the destination. However, those who respect traffic signs, maximum speed, and the law will not end theirs way, but they come to the destination. Let us also be such disciplined drivers. Let’s not just act as it suits us, but let’s apply to his life the demands that God has given us through his commandments. Using these commandments, we come to our goal, to the kingdom of heaven.

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The salt of the earth and the light of the world.

Encourage people to become the salt of the earth through their Christian lives and the light of the world.
Do you like warm raspberry, especially on hot days? And it tastes cold to you, soup from the fridge? And cold sausages? This is certainly a reaction of taste cups. However, we know that everything should be such that people like it. You had already experienced in the evening when there was no electricity and no light? Then the little candle will light the whole room.
In the Gospel, Jesus says, “You are the salt of the earth. You are the light of the world ”(Mt 5,13- 14). A small group of disciples, the Church of Jesus, are to be the salt of the earth. According to
the ground can be compared to unusable food. When we look at things only from a quantitative perspective, there will always be a relationship between Christ’s followers and the world, a similar ratio between grains of salt and food. Christian, is still called to salt his surroundings as food. Being salt is an important profession.
Whoever wants to fulfill it must also know about the victim who is involved. If he has salt to fulfill its role, it must be dissolved. Salt always serves by passing on everything in it. Salt that is not transferred remains only in the salt shaker; he loses his ability to salt and can no longer acquire it. This is how the living belongs to Christians in the middle of the world. Just as salt dissolves in service, so does light pass when it is lit. The light should not be placed under the meter. As the light’s role to shine, it is the most sacred duty of Christians to prove love and true life in Christ.
The disciple’s only task is to leave the light beam of this light free,
do not stand in the way of light as an obstacle. The light power of the disciples of Jesus lies in that they enlighten the world by their actions. Jesus added to the image of salt and light the third image of the city on the hill. He means this: your disciples cannot stay on this world hiding. They see you. They notice you. How to pass Jerusalem and not notice this city on the hill just can’t be ignored either the reality of the Church of Jesus on earth. She’s just here. And the world has to deal with it, whether he likes it or not. A Christian should live by the example of Christ. People see us, they know us, are researching. We cannot live comfortably as we like, but as we should. The world is waiting for an example from us. The candle is not lit to benefit itself but to all around. Each of us is a candle that has light from Jesus Christ, who is the light of the world (cf. Jn 8:12). It is necessary to give this light further, to spread it among neighbors. The salt is to adds flavor to the food. We can say that every one of us is also salt, and we are to salt our world. We didn’t get life to be wasted. We did not get the reason to be comfortable, but they were educated and helped others. We did not receive the property to acquire its power but to care for the poor and needy. Talk about the need to know a lot of neighbors. But speech is not as eloquent and convincing as deeds. If
the lamp does not light, what is it? It only interferes and eventually ends up in the trash. Let it shine like that your light before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father.
Do you remember the fairy tale “Salt over Gold”? People lived in it peacefully until one of the daughters told the king that she liked him like salt. The king drove her out of his kingdom, and salt became stones throughout the kingdom. Life without salt people was tough. They didn’t like all the food they cooked without salt, and they were agitated. However, when you return, the king’s daughters had salt again, they could live happily.
Let us also be the real salt of this world. Let us be the real light of the world. Only then will we give the world a Christian flavor and enlighten it to Christ’s light. Let us always ask, even at this Holy Mass, for strength to make us prosper.

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First Holy Communion- Gallspach- 2020

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