Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time B Mk 3,20-35

How many times have we had to endure ridicule and humiliation! People stop respecting each other and often insult each other. They like to make a fool of each other. Therefore, we are certainly not surprised that Jesus had to go through such a process of human malice. Even his own relatives thought he was confused, and other people accused him of collaborating with the devil.
The scriptures have captured several expressions by which people have humiliated Jesus: possessed by the devil, Beelzebub’s ally, drunkard, a friend of the public, rich man, a transgressor of the law, dishonor of the sabbath, thug, seducer. Just a simple fabrication. Let us remember the goodness with which he acted towards sinners, the sick, and the old. He proved to all the fullness of his love and mercy. This was also evidenced by the countless crowds that flowed behind him. Marek writes: So many crowds gathered again that they could not even eat bread. All of them were sure that Jesus was completely healthy, and Peter declared on behalf of all: Lord, you have the words of eternal life! When Jesus’ enemies found out that they were not talking about fools, they decided to cast suspicion on Jesus of being associated with the prince of the devils, with his help to perform miracles and casting out devils. However, Jesus also refutes this accusation when he says that he cannot possess him who casts out the devil. To cast out the devil with the help of the devil would mean that Satan’s kingdom is divided and, as such, doomed to extinction. However, Satan’s kingdom falls apart because the coming of Jesus approaches the kingdom of God. He is the strongest because he expels Satan from the house of the human heart.

In this way, Jesus was able to defend himself masterfully. The people who crowded around him and listened to these words were certain that all the accusations made against Jesus were a lie. That’s why they stay with him and listen to him. He rewards them for their faith because he puts them on an equal footing with his mother and relatives. It also makes a beautiful external gesture. He pointed to all who sat at the bottom and said: Behold my mother and my brothers. For everyone who doth the will of my Father in heaven is my brother, sister, and mother.
Although more than 2,000 years have passed since the earthly life of Jesus Christ, the situation is repeated. People also look at it from different angles. Some consider him a slave who rebelled against the Roman government, others as an Asian wizard and fakir, others as an eastern ascetic. Some even claim that he did not live at all. But some consider him a fool. However, Jesus defends himself and shows everyone that he is the Son of God who came to this world to redeem humanity. Through the love of sacrificial priests and religions, he proves this through pure souls after holy confession, through several heroic martyrs, and millions of sincere Christians. By His divine power, he expels diabolic – sins from our souls as well. When sin expels, the kingdom of God, the kingdom of righteousness, love, and peace, comes to it.
At this moment, too, we are convinced that he is the Son of God and that all the accusations against him are a lie. Therefore, let us stay with him, listen to his words, and call with St. Peter: Lord, you have the words of eternal life! At this moment, Jesus will reward us with praise and tell us: Everyone who does the will of my Father who is in heaven is my brother, sister, and mother. Thus, faith and the pursuit of his will keep us close to Jesus.
The announcer of the Viennese television, which the viewers called the most sympathetic – Helga Lachmer, ended the night program and told the television viewers: Before I wish you good night, I have good news for you. Tomorrow I am going to the convent, and I promise you that I will remember you before God. Good night! Her words caused a huge commotion; the most sympathetic and most beautiful herald enters the monastery! The journalists had a finished “harvest,” When asked why she had decided what motivated her, she replied: I was attracted to Holy Mass, and I could not last a day without it.
Helga is an example of faith and the effort to do God’s will. Let us also try to strengthen ourselves in the faith and live our whole lives so that we speak and fulfill the words that we repeat so often – be your will… Then Jesus will point to us and say: Behold, my mother, brothers, and sisters.

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