Whoever wants to follow me, deny yourself, carry your cross every day and follow me “(Luke 9:23). Until we take up our cross and follow Jesus, we gain significantly by self-denial little. By the cross, I mean the burden of pain, sorrow, or sacrifice that we could put off, but we prefer to keep them because of others. These are things that we would otherwise naturally put aside.
However, we continue to carry our cross voluntarily because we know that there is no other way to bring it salvation, deliverance, and healing for lost, sick, and suffering humanity. “Staring at Jesus, who guides our faith from the beginning to the end” (Hebrews 12: 2). Jesus did not have to endure the cross. In the evening, when he was arrested, he said he could even at the last minute to pray to the Father, and he would have at his disposal twelve legions of angels who would save him from his fate (see Matthew 26: 53,54). But Jesus came to the cross because he decided in his heart to fulfill the Scriptures. When he endured whipping and sacrificed as a lamb without spot and blemish, a lost and sinful man, has been delivered from two curses: sin and diseases.
Moses also had a shared in the Spirit in this Spirit when he abdicated the Egyptian throne and identified with his brothers – with the race of slaves – so that he could bring deliverance through his suffering and sacrifice to his people (see Hebrews 11: 24,26).
Paul obeyed his heavenly vision, left his place on the council of elders, and joined in the persecuted sect of Christians to bring deliverance to the Gentiles. When Paul, said: ‘Now I am going to Jerusalem because the Spirit is forcing me, and I do not know what will happen there. I know only so much that the Holy Spirit announces to me from the city that bonds and suffering await me. But I attach no value to my life other than to … preach the gospel of God’s grace. ” (Acts 20: 22-24), he followed Jesus and carried his cross.
Charles G. Finney raised his cross as he left the promising job and entered services – for untested fields for which he was not particularly prepared. Nevertheless, raising the cross is not enough. We have to take it DAILY! We have to take him willingly and bear faithfully and without hesitation. It is relatively easy to decide to carry your cross during inspiring calls for consecration to God. However, much fail their cross again the next morning. Christ never took time off from his cross. He took the cross with him on vacation! Although at times, he stepped back into seclusion to rest, still carrying a heavy burden.
Jesus was once in Samaria, tired and hungry. His disciples went to the city to shop for food, and Jesus sat by the well. Yet, he had the time and strength to lead one soul to salvation, and thus began a revival that swept almost all of Samaria into the kingdom of God (see John 4).
When Jesus faced one of the most significant losses of his life – the sudden and violent death of his cousin and dear friend John the Baptist – he wanted to step aside for a moment. But some people took it they found and followed him even then. He was filled with compassion when he looked at them; he set down his grief, raised his cross, and began to heal the sick and meet their needs (see. Matthew 14: 13,14).
The cross was not an accident that happened to Jesus at the end of his life. He was born, lived, and died in the shadow of the cross. He knew about him all the time, but he never pushed him aside. Never did he not forget to take up his cross every day. There was never a day when he said, “Today is mine day. I will not take care of my Father’s business again until tomorrow. “He has never experienced a moment in his life. He said, “This is my time of rest, and people must wait until I rest. Then I will go after them and I will fulfill their needs again. “Even in a moment of grief, he could not say,” My grief is too much
big. I’m entitled to a little comfort. Let them serve me a little. “
One night, Jesus was to be betrayed. He continued to serve his disciples; even though he knew he was false, the disciple who betrayed him sat among those he served. He rose from the table to his disciples
washed his feet. He illustrated to them something he had spoken of earlier: “Not even the Son of man he did not come to be served, but to serve and give his life as a ransom for many “(Mark 10:45).

To the eyes of this world, it might seem that it was only on the dark day of Golgotha ​​issued as he was crucified (John 19:16). But Jesus constantly carried his cross as he served the people. He was poor, despised, lonely, and misunderstood. Still, he willingly went around towns and villages, and he healed all who the devil oppressed to bring many sons with his fame.
The world does not have to see and understand our cross. However, each of us has a destiny from God’s cross, whether we want to carry it or not. It is not a disease that we cannot put off on our own. These are not unpleasant life circumstances around us, whether we serve God or not. It is something we accept willingly — as a personal sacrifice to ourselves — to obey God and blessed others.
Have you ever praised the cross you carry? Or was it a matter for you to feel pity for the life circumstances it brings you? Or did you willingly take on burdens and the sorrows of others so that you can help them and bless them? And bring them salvation and deliverance?
If you desire the miraculous power of God, you must pay the price. You are willing to take on EVERY DAY your cross and follow Jesus all the time? If you follow Christ completely, you will go with him to the place filled with the Spirit, then to the desert, where he spent hours fasting and prayer. You will experience hours of unappreciated service, misunderstanding, and persecution. You will spend lonely nights in prayer. You will follow him into the garden and carry his burden for lost. You will think that someone by your side feels with you that he found that the others had fallen asleep in the end. Then you stand in the courtroom for fake and unjust accusations. You will be whipped by a “nine-tailed cat” (a whip with nine strands), and eventually, they will offer you vinegar bile. Even before the pain and suffering with the cross, you must not take a step back. You might say, “Sounds like I should lose my life altogether.” Exactly. But Jesus said, “Whoever wants to save his life will lose it; who, however, he will lose his life for me and for the gospel, he will save it” (Mark 8:35).
Such is abundant life – POWER life! It is a life of true satisfaction. You will know that you did not live your life in vain! Such a life is worthy of every sacrifice. It’s lovely to know that. We followed in the footsteps of the Son of God.

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