Prayer for healing and its preconditions.

What does it mean to pray for healing? In prayer for healing, we strive to unite prayer, love, and faith. Many blessings and many prayers for healing, at times one of the listed dimensions is missing. Or they lack love or trust. What are the assumptions of prayers for recovery?
Trust in God
Prayer, combined with love and faith, is an expression of trust in God. That means we trust God, not your abilities. The reason we don’t trust God is that we don’t trust ourselves. During the seminar, we will find that one of our most extensive wounds is uncertainty, which manifests in the fact that we do not trust each other. If you don’t trust yourself, you won’t count either to God, to her husband, or his wife, or his brother, or sister, in the prayer group, you will not trust anyone. Sometimes we think we are strong personalities if we do not trust others. But the opposite is true. We do not trust others, and we do not trust ourselves because we are full of uncertainties. In healing, a free man can trust God, and if we trust God, we are no longer afraid of failing.
We entrust ourselves into God’s hands, and that’s it. Many prayers for healing are ineffective because they lack confidence. Participation in the power of Christ another critical moment in prayer, combined with love and faith, is participation in the power of Christ. Let us remember the words: “All power is given to me in heaven and on earth” (Mph 28:18). This same power Jesus passes on to us as well. “Everything is possible to God,” says Matthew (19:26), and “anything is possible to him, who believes, “confirms Mark (9:23). So, we have the same power as Jesus. We will say, why. Jesus acted by the power of the Spirit. And we received the same Spirit. That’s why Jesus said to the apostle: “You see miracles, and you are surprised. But you will do even greater deeds than I do. For all the power that the Father hath given me, I give unto you. The power I have does not come from me, but from the Father “(cf. Jn 14: 12-14), But it is the same power.
To act for Jesus. What do we do when we pray for healing? When we pray for healing, we act in Jesus’ name. In his name, we address creation, disturbed by sin, and with love to it, we urge, lovingly, encourage him to start working again as before. For that, Jesus said, “Go and proclaim the good news to every creature” (cf. Mk 16:15). God created the perfect world and wants it to work as perfectly as possible. If so, we pray for healing, we directly address the affected organ and show it to be again healthy. We address him to receive God’s love, to begin to function as God did create. Certain parts of our body get sick or stop working because they are enough we don’t love.
To act by God’s plan.
If we do something in the name of Jesus, it means that we do it according to his plan. Sometimes we do not know what God’s plans are in a person’s life. If in prayer for healing we say the words “in the name of Jesus,” we mean “in accordance with God’s plan.” And we’re sure of that God’s plan for man is a plan full of love. However, if a person does not recover, he will not recover because it was not in God’s plan. But even non-health can be a plan of love for the man for whom we prayed. Maybe at that moment, we don’t understand God’s plan, but that one, he is always full of love. Stay in it.
Whenever we pray for someone to heal, we ask, above all, to feel that God loves him. If a person does not feel God’s love because of illness or injury, he cannot accept complete healing. In prayer, he receives God’s love in a specific part of his body, who is ill or disabled. Therefore, it is essential to experience the words that John addresses us: “If and ye shall abide in me, and my words shall abide in you: yea, whatsoever ye will, and it shall be fulfilled in you” (Jn 15: 7). We often ask ourselves, “Why don’t I receive from God what I ask of him?” Because we forget the condition that Jesus imposes on us: “If you remain in me …” This remaining in him is very important. To stay in it means to be united with him, to submit to him, to accept his plan, love, and experience God’s love. If you think God rejects you, that relationship with God makes you unhappy, that God makes you disappointed, you put an obstacle in the way of his love so that his healing power cannot come to you to penetrate. You may perceive God’s love, but it does not penetrate you because you do not remain in it. If you want to heal, you must feel loved by God. You need to they felt that God loved you in every situation, even during illness.

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