Talk to God. Lk 11,1-4

To be able to speak to God
How strong an example can be. We’ve certainly encountered this in our lives when we did something that caught the eye of another person. For example, someone sees another play well on guitar, thus giving him the impetus to learn to play the guitar. Or we are enthusiastic about the housework of a friend who can do something at home to model, embellish and inspire us. Especially children see in movies their heroes and the next day they imitate them. And we could go on further in various areas. And yet, one thing stands out from all this: that is an example of doing good. Nothing can inspire and attract how good example. This was beautifully expressed by an Aryan pilgrim who was above the life of a saint, John Vianney cried out, “How beautiful it is to be a saint!” Great beauty is in the heroic beauty and dedication.
The apostles also experienced it. They often saw Jesus praying in silence and solitude, he talks to his Father. They, too, longed for prayer. Therefore, one of them begs Jesus: “Lord, teach us to pray” (Lk 11: 1)! This sentence is the basis of prayer: Realizing that without God, we cannot do anything. For God gives grace to the humble; a proud man does not even need it God, not prayer. Only then does Jesus offer them the blessing they have to glorify God the Father.
Luke does mention our Father in a shorter form than Matthew in his Gospel. But the essential truth of Christian revelation contained in the first expression, “Father,” they have both. Our creed is not just “I believe in one God,” but above all, “I believe in one God the Father. Jesus did not just come to redeem us, but he also came to reveal to us that the Creator of the world is a person with whom we can have a dialogue, and he has such qualities that we can call him Father. And that’s the big thing you need to realize and often repeat: I have the Highness of the Father who gave me, he understands.
Let us also consider how many people remain inattentive to God.
She can’t say a simple word like that: Thank you! Please! Forgive me!
At the same time, we do not have to learn any particular language. God speaks in our vocabulary; he doesn’t even need words. He sees the bottom of his heart, waiting for every fit of our confidence, for the minor possible signal of our need to come to our aid. Therefore, I we have a desire to learn to speak to him properly. When we pray, we enter into an intimate relationship with the Lord, communicating between God and us. This communication is based on in that I speak, and He hears, or He speaks, and I listen. Let’s be careful that our prayer is not just a monologue in which only I say, but I’m not interested in listening to him anymore. And let us not be afraid to tell him everything, for He is our’s Father.

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