Prayer. Lk 11,5-13

Prayer Lk 11,5-13

God listens to us in prayer
During his stay in Gdańsk, John Paul II. returned from the monument to the fallen to his residence in Olivie. You should have a little rest here before other duties and participate in lunch with essential guests. So, the pope went to his room, and guests to him, they waited peacefully. But this waiting grew longer and longer; the Holy Father from his room did not work out. Upset about. So Tadeusz Goclowski entered the hall and asked the Pope’s Chaplain, Prelate Stanislav Dziwisz, what happened: “Lord Prelate, invited guests they are waiting and they are getting impatient! ” Prelate Dziwisz just pointed to the chapel door and said: “Just look, Bishop!”
The chapel door was slightly ajar. The interior of the chapel and John Paul could be seen through the joint II., Who prayed the Way of the Cross with great concentration. This man, exhausted, surrounded by thousands of people and affairs, went to the chapel to pray instead of at least getting some rest. Immersed in prayer, he seemed to push everyone away from problems. Bishop Goclowski looked at him, very moved and surprised. Later, always, when he mentioned it, he said: “It was one of my strongest experiences and also a great one of lessons learned!”. We have heard and read a lot about prayer. Jesus also put us in the gospel today calls: “Just and you will get! Search and you will find! Knock and they will open to you ”(Lk 11, 9)!
There is nothing to add to these words of Jesus, and they are pronounced divinely, concisely, and straightforward. Jesus underlines the meaning of these words with an even stronger acronym: Everyone
begging, receiving. Everyone who seeks finds, and whoever knocks will be open to him. With these words, Jesus hit straight into the black. The conclusion is so clear and straightforward: When God gives to everyone who asks, how is it that we have so little? So little faith, Courage and love! Can we ask by faith for all that God wants and desires to give us? Who among us would be able to repeat our intentions in supplications after Holy Mass?
We will forget them before we say: Please hear us! Can he make such pleas to take the Lord seriously? We often admire good people, we are enthusiastic about them, and we would too they wanted to be like them. But let’s ask ourselves: Why are some people good, others evil? Where is the root of their goodness? The answer is simple: in prayer. For the integrity of their hearts means long hours of worship on their knees. They let it be good, God entered their lives to reign in their hearts and to spread goodness through them and love in the world. Do we want proof? We heard him in the story of the Holy Father.
From prayer, he drew strength into his life and his office. And prayer, the humble God will never reject and hear his prayers. We could talk from their experiences about the power and effectiveness of prayer. The Lord needs to find in our hearts a strong faith, a constant search, and diligent contact cooperation.

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