What is happiness?

The pursuit of happiness
It is difficult to buy a gift for another person – especially when we do not know the person well. That’s why it was so many books had been written about it in the world. It is not good or pleasant not to match the taste of the person we want to give. “Well, what would I give her … I could buy her a fern, for example.
Um … But what if she doesn’t care for plants, or what if she’s right allergic to fern …? “I could buy him a cashmere tie. But no … Who knows if I would blame him … “Or I could buy him a bottle of Scotch whiskey. Um, but what if is an abstinent?” The whole point of buying gifts is that they would have to buy the person concerned with something he did not have and what he wanted. What will make her truly happy for a moment?
It seems that we have managed to solve this problem with congratulatory postcards. “Happy Christmas! Happy New Year! Happy birthday! Good luck to your wedding’s quarter-century! ” Happy this, happy that, regardless of what it is. People usually like to listen to and accept their wishes. Because there is something we are sure everyone wants, and it is clear that there is never enough. But how does this relate to human values? Happiness is the queen of values, a vessel full of gold at the end of the rainbow. Everyone wants me, and then it’s clear that we all appreciate it. Well, luck is for us, excellent? Let us remember again that everyone wants to be happy. This is our destiny – to be satisfied forever. Moreover, all our other deeds are fortunate as their end. You are not a means to an end. It’s not a tool, either, at some stage on the way to something else. No one uses happiness to get more money or more enjoyment. After the funds
or we long for pleasure because we are convinced that they us make you happy.

Is everyone happy?
Why, then, does a person’s efforts to be happy often end in disaster? Not many people seem to be satisfied. An article was published in Time magazine on September 13, 1993: “Satisfaction is … everywhere in the world is difficult in our time. find – or so says a group of experts who did an international survey. ” Many people laugh or have fun amid fun or delusion, but they don’t seem to find happiness. When we get closer to them and look at them, it will become apparent that these people are running away on their own in front of me. This is confirmed by such a frequent reluctance to be quiet. So, we fill the world with sounds and music, one activity after another. Rarely do we dare to reflect for a moment about our lives and where we go. Happiness has been written about in many books – from ancient philosophers to contemporary pop psychologists – and it still doesn’t seem that people would become happier. Walk on the sidewalk of Paris, New York or London. Target looks into the eyes of people whose
you meet. Do they radiate happiness? This is usually not the case. Ask a neighbor or a colleague at school or work whether he is happy. The answers will be confusing. It is a real tragedy that most people are not satisfied with. Sometimes we mistakenly think that there are many things that we cannot do without, and therefore without which we cannot be happy. “You can’t be happy if you don’t have a lot of money, power, a wide range of joys, experiences, and so on.” These are the prerequisites for happiness. Presented to us by contemporary culture. The United Nations have even gone so far that its officials have formulated a list of twelve things without which one cannot be happy. There was a radio between them; there was a bicycle and a set for China appliances.

If we begin to combine happiness with material things or with joy, we can get into trouble. All these things are outside us, so we can’t even influence them to some extent. More importantly, none of them are permanent or inevitable. if I can’t be sure of owning necessary things
to happiness; then, I will never be thrilled. I will still live in anxiety that my joy is as shaky as a house of carats: it can collapse instantly. Because we know many theories of happiness, it will be paramount for us to think about what homeland is not happiness. But let’s say in advance that our answer must have something to do with what we came up with when we discussed human nature in the previous consideration. Most of us should probably have trouble defining happiness. It is also the case that there are many kinds of joy. Saying “I feel happy” after drinking a glass of good wine is not the same as to say, “Peter is a happy man,” or “Michael and Lucia are. We must be able to distinguish between different types or degrees of happiness.

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