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2 Sundays after Christmas Joh 1, 1-18

Have you thought about your faith? Above the faith of the family, the surroundings, of the nation? I recently met a man who is a role model for many social and spiritual and laid down his burden for me, which … Continue reading

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Awareness of responsibility for holiness

Many are among those who said today: It is already after the holidays. This is even though our homes and churches are still adorned with trees and Christmas decorations. We return to our daily duties. So that we do not … Continue reading

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Mary, Mother of God, New year Luke 2,16-21

I am your Mother Today, it has become customary for heads of state to speak to their citizens, subordinates, or performances. Thoughts often appear in their speeches in which they assure their goodwill, of the well-being and happiness that they … Continue reading

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Let’s evaluate ourselves, let’s look at our life so far.

We think it is the last day of the civil year, but we look forward to it being New Year’s Eve. We used to have fun. But here in the church, there is an opportunity to think seriously. About what? … Continue reading

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We cannot imagine our lives, among other things, without testimony. Everyday life leads us to situations where we have to express ourselves about something or someone, make it better, be careful. However, we know that the testimony of everything and … Continue reading

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Simeon’s prophecy

Simeon’s prophecyIt would be tough to imagine a group of people after committing an inherited sin without laws, orders, and regulations that help control life’s deeds. They become a guide, guide, help. Laws must not harm. Although they often carry … Continue reading

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4th degree of sleep sleepMM17

In this sleep, the subconscious self is not familiar with the self of the upper consciousness. This is especially surprising for those who did not believe in eternity at all, refused to obey an order to look into their upper … Continue reading

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Thermodynamic view of life

Famous physicist, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics E. Schrödingerwrote (1935) a book called What is Life? Based on that time, available information tried to apply the laws of thermodynamics on living systems, and his reflections on this topic … Continue reading

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Herod’s murder.

Some people have negatively made history. Among them, whom he is looked upon after two thousand years with contempt and who had the killing of boys under the age of two in and around Bethlehem, and whose feast we celebrate … Continue reading

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The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph B Lk 2,22-4ß

Strengthen the family community. How do we feel when we pronounce mom, father, son, daughter, grandmother, grandfather, brother, sister? When we add mine, mine, we get an even clearer picture than a photograph of someone with whom we are connected … Continue reading

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