Let those who live with Christ have no fear.

If a person wants to join a club or a sports team, or if someone has the task of recruiting people into a community, he tries to tell interested parties about everything positive that awaits them in the future. Sometimes reality is deliberately concealed, and shortcomings and difficult situations are not even mentioned.

Lord Jesus does not do that. He says openly: “They will lay hands on you, they will persecute you, they will throw you into prison, they will hate you for my name’s sake” (Lk 21:12). And he adds: “For I will give you eloquence and wisdom, which all your adversaries resist or contradict” (Luke 21:15).

What time does Jesus mean? It was so in the first Christian centuries when the Church was persecuted, but we can say that the Church of Christ is constantly persecuted, sometimes in one country or another. And Jesus’ word seems to be fulfilled even today.

Many of our brothers and sisters suffer among us because of their faith and religious beliefs. Many of us think they must rid us of backwardness, religion, and s prejudices and teach us advanced and more scientific thinking. And that is why those who live in deep faith are often persecuted. But, beloved in Christ, is this a reason to leave our relationship with Christ? Is this a reason to renounce his fellowship, his love? After all, why does Jesus give us a promise even today?

“For I will give you eloquence and wisdom, which all your adversaries will not be able to resist or contradict” (Luke 21:15).

For it to be true, as accurate load Jesus says, it is necessary to realize that we are to be one hundred percent Christians. Lord Jesus gives us this as a condition, even if he does not say it directly. The Holy Spirit will help us if we are people in our lives entirely according to Christ, f we are people of Christ’s character. That is, those who stand behind Christ at any cost, who are willing to sacrifice something for him. All united: believers, bishops, and priests must connect with the Holy Father, support him with prayers, and then the Holy Spirit will help us if we strive to fulfill Jesus’ prayer: Father, grant that all may be one. The prayer he prayed on the eve of his suffering for all of us.

Say, dearest in Christ, is this unity and faithfulness to Christ complete among us? Are we all committed together to the cause of faith and love for Christ? Unless this is achieved, they will have power over individuals. Therefore, let’s try to understand the word of Jesus this way. The Lord gives us a guarantee of the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in terms of eloquence and wisdom, his own, but we must also strive to cooperate with the Holy Spirit for our salvation. It is only because of our perseverance that we save a life in eternity and happy bliss. However, as long as there is even a spark of lukewarmness or weakness in our religion, as long as Christ is not the only good for us, and as long as we are divided and fragmented, the weakening of faith will succeed even in ourselves.

Let’s learn from the past. The Church suffered in the first centuries, in England under King Henry VIII, and in France during the revolution, and was cruelly persecuted. Still, those who remained faithful to Christ emerged victorious from these situations.
How is it with us today? What are we doing to deepen our life with Christ?

Let us strive, dear brothers and sisters, for complete unification through mutual prayer and supplication to the heavenly Father. A plea to Jesus Christ that he, who suffered the most, be our only comfort and strength in our sufferings and mental anxieties. May he always bless us to make the right decision for loyalty to himself? So that he helps us in our choices, which will be firm and will not tolerate any polemics and speculations in matters of faith and religion.
If we can think and act this way, brothers and sisters, then we can rely on the wisdom and eloquence of the Holy Spirit, that he will inspire us with suitable thoughts, and we will respond appropriately even to those who have gone astray on their way through life.

In this way, we can understand why Jesus does not only talk about the positives and ideals in his Church but also about suffering and persecution. He wants us to live under all circumstances in the only truth, Jesus himself. 

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