Have a sense of love or unconditional love.Lk 13, 10-17

To be open to love everyone like Christ, who perfects us with a cross in love. “The worst disease is not leprosy, but when someone finds it nobody likes it.” That’s what the one who cared for the lepers all her life said— Mother Teresa.
Probably, we all experienced moments when something hurt us; we broke our arm or foot. But we also probably all experienced when our souls ached, and we had a hard time. There was sadness, joy disappeared, and we were in trouble. That’s when we wanted them to be there, our loved ones who will help us understand us and will be willing to endure together with us our pains; they will help us carry the cross.
We heard how Jesus healed a woman who was 18 years old in infirmity. She was hunched over and couldn’t straighten up at all.
Today we would say – a challenging situation. However, Jesus taught in the synagogue and in the strength of the Spirit with which he was led he saw this woman and laid her hands on her, and she was free of disease. Jesus did this with His power, which is alive and practical love. A special love that loves a person and at the same time has such force that it heals a sick body. In this case, Jesus’ love met with an evil spirit who did this, he tied the woman up so that she could not straighten up and saw only the ground. And how did man react to love then? Differently. The woman praised and celebrated God, for what Christ did to her. The second was introduced to the synagogue, which in the deed of Jesus did not know his love. For this, he shouted at the people: “It is six days when need to work; on these days come and be healed, and not on the Sabbath” (Lk 13:14)!

And here, we could paraphrase Mother Teresa’s words. The worst disease is not a hunchback, but when others don’t care about you. When he doesn’t feel love to you, and therefore does not even understand you. The superior of the synagogue considered him evil when a person suddenly healed.? And besides, did he see a miracle with his eyes? Jesus replied, “Hypocrites. And this daughter of Abraham, whom Satan held bound for eighteen years, there was no need to be freed from this bondage though on the Sabbath” (Lk 13: 15a; 16)? Jesus did not tell them directly, but in what he said, he revealed that he was the lord of the Sabbath, for he is God. And God is now among his own. Now is the time of salvation. Also, for this woman. God was there, although the Pharisees could not see any God. Paradoxically, the healed woman saw in Jesus, God’s servant, for she glorified God for healing her. The Pharisees objected because Jesus did not keep the law. However, he put in him what the Pharisees lacked. He put his Spirit of love in him because only so the law could be fulfilled. For only love that is of God cannot see.

Do yourself and love everyone without distinction. Only she dares to take that risk will be challenged for what it does because society has different ideas. Pharisees had other ideas. According to them, God could not behave in this way. But once he had to, the time will come when God will reveal his new and definitive way of love in Christ. It appears to us that God didn’t love so much before? He loved, but now he wants to prepare a man to receive even deeper love. For the love to which man has long been God called. But who was to come to show how he loves with such passion, if not God himself – the author and source of this love?
In today’s Gospel, we have met a woman who has suffered greatly. Today, many suffer severely in body and soul. Those who suffer like this need from us others to hear that they have not lost their place among us (in society), even though they are strapped to the bed, and they seem to be out of action for a while. Each limb has its place in the Church, and its life has meaning because Christ has pressed it on it.
And therefore also he who suffers is a sign for all. A sign that doesn’t have us leave indifferent. As if the lives of these people didn’t concern us. Especially today in a busy time we live fast, we have many worries and problems often with us themselves. If we look into ourselves, we can hardly perceive the needs of others.
It often happens that we can not perceive the impulses of the Spirit. However, the point is that we never lose the human way; we should approach not only the sick but also everyone. We believe in Christ, who sanctified his life and death our human ways to become his ways of acting. His way of conduct, his style, was love. He approached everyone with love. With love without conditions, as well as to all: or to the rich young man, to Jair, too to the centurion, or to those who cried out, “Crucify him.”
Let us not be afraid to throw ourselves into the arms of Jesus as we suffer. After all, he is the master of life. He is the one who gives life. He has suffered; he understands us well when we suffer. Yes, suffering is also tricky because it does not have sorrow in itself since. Then we are disoriented and do not understand why I suffer, why it just happened to me. Maybe even God won’t give us an answer then. However, he wants us to trust him without bounds. Because he is like a father who is sometimes strict with his child, but he never wants him bad. He’s like a father who wants to teach his child, and he never wants him bad. He’s like a father who wants to teach his child to once she truly and deeply loved as much as he did. Perhaps the strangest thing, the way God does it, is to perfect us with suffering.
Let us ask the Lord together. Jesus, grant us health of body and soul, for you, are a source of life. Please strengthen our faith whenever we suffer so that they may have grown about you despite the daily cross. Sir, give us a moment when we suffer understood in the light of your cross. Help us carry it, and never us, do not leave.

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