Shall we pray for earthly needs?

In the introduction to the Encyclopedia of Prayer (La Preghiera,
Rome 1967) writes prof. R. Bocassino his memories from Central Africa. Primitive woman of forest trunk doing of clay container. He prays to the gods in search of clay, at stirring, burning. She asks her who taught her. Shrug shoulder: «Who teaches children to cry? They do it themselves. Prayer also goes by heart. »Prayer bursts out of need and uncertainty. Appealing prayer occurs in all religions of the world.
Most Christian prayers also seem to be of this kind. People pray for field crops, business success, illness recovery. It’s not rest primitivism, paganism?
There have always been those who do not seem so Christian and want to discourage them as the rest of the old pagan mentality. Origins called all earthly worries the term “shade”. None of the people buy the shadow. We only keep the object; its shadow goes with it free. So, according to Origin, we are supposed to ask only the right spiritual things, earthly, and physical needs to us add without asking like a shadow. Holy Thomas Aquinas collected the objections that were made they can be opposed to prayer for early needs. Prayer us it is to elevate to heaven and not to draw attention to earthly worries, which are often harmful. After all, the gospel itself encourages us not to be worried about what we eat or what we are getting dressed (cf. Mt 6:25). Obviously, on the contrary, it is true that even in the Father,
we pray for “our daily bread.”

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