Let’s learn from Jesus. Live an exemplary life.

Can we believers talk about unpleasant faith? Can faith be uncomfortable for us? Jesus is not one to change his teachings, to recall his words, to ask us for an opinion or an opinion, to improve something, to improve or to omit in his teaching. Even today the words are true: “My yoke is pleasant, and my burden is light” (Mt 11:30).

Notice the pronoun “mine”. Jesus demands “to take the yoke”, which in no way can be compared to the demands placed on man by the Law. I will strengthen “(Mt 11:28). It is clear that Jesus does not ask without giving in advance. He donates so that a person can fulfill the requirement that follows from the strength of the donor. And in the very requirement, there is again promise and strength.

Notice the word “yoke.” It is a tool that allows animals to haul cargo. This image reveals more truths. The yoke is designed for work. Jesus requires work from his disciple. A disciple is only a disciple when he does not live only for himself. The disciple is to endure everything that the teacher has ordained for him. Yoke is a tool that makes work easier. Can we imagine the work of an animal without a yoke? Yoke helps. And the yoke to which Jesus points makes the work easier for the believer, and it is he, Jesus, who makes man able to carry out his mission. Yoke clearly sets the goal for whoever carries it. An animal without a yoke would not reach the finish line. But he who leads an animal by yoke will lead the animal to its destination. Through yoke, God leads the Christian to a clear and right goal. One can imagine a double yoke. Two animals in one yard pull the load more easily. Perhaps this comparison explains that Jesus walks with us and helps us bear the burden. He teaches us to be his followers with a “quiet and humble heart.” Kindness and humility in the life of the Lord Jesus becomes all who choose to take the yoke of evangelization – a reinforcement. He who accepts the imperative of Christ will gain peace in his heart. On the outside, always immediately apparent, for even a disciple in his day, marked by the signs of the times, does not always have to resist pressure, and when he perseveres with Jesus, he receives peace of mind, a gift of Christ that helps him carry the yoke of life.

The yoke is not a superfluous thing, nor a thing to introduce, but it is very useful. Useful for the one who carries it because it gives him the support, help, goal and meaning of his life. But it is also useful for the cause of Christ the Lord, who is building his kingdom with these “people with yoke.” this is also the gift that Jesus gives us. Especially for this reason, we are aware of the word “grace” in the words of today’s Gospel. Without God’s grace, what can we do? Amen.

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