16.Sunday A year thought the year


In today’s Gospel there is talk of  a kingdom  of God.Jesus speaks  of those parables.About  weeds  in the field.Jesus wants to emphasize,that it will never be pure church. Church whithout  sinners,without scandals,without disputes. We have no right,to right to decide, who belongs to the  kingdom  of  God  and  who does not. Only God can decide on it. And he will decide on it at the end of time.


In the parable of the mustard grain Jesus points out that a church will be formed.The church will first have  few members, but later grows a large tree. By  this  parable Jesus will to say,that  There  will be worldly one. It will be the church of the  people and  not  angels. Even after  the  founding  of the  church in the world,evil  remains and the church must  come to terms  with  this  fact.Only  in such environment does Jesus teaching  and  his  disciples  prove  itself.  Only  in  this  case  can they show Jesus scholars  their  love. If Jesus  told  the parable  of the  weeds  in the  field  today, his parable  would  look  different. Today  we deal  with  weeds  differently   than  in the  past. The plane  will  dust  the  field  and  if  the dust  is h armfull  to people   the agronomist  will put up  labels. The  weeds  will be  destroyed. But what  applies  in agriculture does not apply in the church.Yes, when the church had the power arose the zealots, who wanted to  uproat  weeds,so that they  destroy bad people. Jesus says. Wait. You must  have  patience with  yours  mistakes and with the  mistakes  of other  people. It is easier  to see weeds in other’s than  in ourselves. Not only wheat but  also weeds grow in our soul.But anyone can get better.Pluck weeds from your soul.Jesus gives us time for  whole  life. Until grain harvest.There is nothing we can do there. There will only  be sorting; to the barn or to the  fire. Prayers and s upplications mean that we still lack something.Thanks and praise are  a sign, that  we are not far from the goal. Our future life will be  pure praise  and  clarity.Of course in the church today is not ideal  for every think .However,it would be a mistake to see only evil, weeds everywhere. Such a view would not  be right.There is also a lot of good, many  pure wheat, in the church. Let us be sure of the way of Jesus, problem solving is better, than a a way of solving various radical parties ,which by their solution create only new problems.

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