Super scientific knowledge

Faith in God the Father is therefore an object of faith, not result of “scientific” research. This fact some mourning. According to the mentality of our time, we consider the real  is what can be scientifically verified. Science has become queen in the field of human knowledge. Decides what has access to it and rejects what is not clear and obvious. According to Dostoevsky’s parable, a scientific man builds a crystal palace. As a building material, he uses only what is proven directly eye view or what is the logical conclusion of it considerations. Unclear things are ruled out to prevent them the dangers of “medieval darkness.” The palace proudly it rises to the top and there are many rooms reserved in it various fields of human knowledge. A person satisfied with his work goes to live there. At first, he is amazed by the brightness, but soon he gets bored because he finds neither freedom nor love there. These two things they will never be “scientifically clear” because they are personal. Therefore, living and specific people do not have to do this palace access. Dostoevsky adds another consideration: “Man underground “(thus the symbolic title of the book, which deals with these problems) is assured that for two or three centuries of science will progress so far that our whole the world will be as clear as “two and two is four.” One is amazed by this. But then he lowers his head and asks “And what else will I do in it?” With all due respect to science and admiration for its progress, we must be aware of its limits. Its area is the knowledge of “things”, but they escape the knowledge of “persons”. All the more so, science must capitulate to knowledge God, who is the Father, a living, free and loving person par excellence. We are facing the mystery of faith. The team its divine greatness is not diminished in any way. Trustworthy the experience of true faith in God is no less than scientific knowledge, on the other hand, is higher and more sublime. Collin, an English liberal thinker, met once a worker who went to church. He knew him, and that’s why you were he allowed himself to joke, “Is your God big or small?” “It’s so big it won’t fit in your head; but the other side is so small that it can reside in mine Collin admitted that many wanted to fight him atheism by apologetic and scientific evidence, but none of these considerations made such an impression on him as this confession of a simple worker.

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