Three- dimensional man.

Die bodily dimension  lives  from food, mentally from  culture and from education and  the  spiritual dimension  of  knowing  God. True, there  is always, whom a brisket on a plate ismore important  than  the encyclopedia  of world art. He must  first have  it daily about  the latter and does  not even know  it exists. On the contrary, another saves money to buy the  book. Better limit the supply of food. Proponents of physical, mental and  spiritual  needs will  be able to argue  about  what  is more  important  If we  understand  man as a three- dimensianal being, the  one who  needs all of the  three  offered  blackbirds for  life and its fullnes. Let’s conclude, that  the  fullness of human  life requires  everythis, in the same  parts. it is true that spirituel  and mental  values cannot be  bound like bread  and butter.However. the lackof  immeasurable valuessuch as  sophistication, tact,faith  or  love is detrimantal, not  only  to a person who lacks,but  also to the  people who  live  with him.It would be a fundamental mistake to  confuse  mental and spiritually  values. It becomes it. Nevertheles, each of us in this world was born with the ability to live on all three planes. We meet people who are  smaller than some of  these  dimensions. It is ideal for us  to live  healthily and  fully in  all three dimensions.

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