One-dimensional man

This is  a person who lives only  for his body. He acknowledges  only  what is  material, that is  what  he can try  to  know by the senses. They only receive from the  physical  side. They work to spend a large part of earnings on bodily needs. Imagine a one-dimensional man watching through a pub  window his colleague  from  his  work just  coming  out of  a bookstore and  carries  purchased books.He immmediately criticizes ihm for wasting a lot of money, If avcolleague from work had reason,he would miss the money with him in the pub. It is typical for these one-dimensional people that they all know and understand everything.In the third beer they have solved the economic situation in the state, in the rift political situation and in the eight they revise the theory of relativity. And most importantly, they are quite clear on questions of faith.Just as poetry is useless,faith is also useless.And what about his co-worker? He also occasionally goes to drink beer, but he also builds his second dimension.He travels, learns a foreign language, attends concerts,he lives a living culturalist. But let’s go back to our one dimensional man.He finished his last beer and went home. Along the way,he sees a young man entering the church.If he had critical reservations  about  his colleague from work, who had sunk so deep that he even reads the book,then he could not find  worlds the young man at all.It’s nobody has to teach. He knows it is, Jesus was invented by the parish priest to fool people. The young man eats also and drinks, sports  and  studied, but he is also looking for something else. Values that exceeds man. He search other views that  expand his being by the the spiritual dimension. I intentionally write  searching because  three dimensional  life is searching.It is an act of will by effort. Therefore, accepting  the gift  of  fait  always carries  with  it a  claim   to onself. By no means  should we despise  one- two  demensional  mans loofting, because  it would  be  unfairly, immoral  and  unchristian.As if we regarded  as inferior  those, who  hear badly or see  only  with  one eye.Faith  is a gift and a task  comes  from  it. The role of love  for all. If my faith  diminished  love  for  others  and intensify  contempt   for  other  people it would no  be faith  in Jesus and  the way  to God.Even  a one  dimensional  person  hat its human value. Maybe  it was  a time or  a family, which does  not  awaken other  dimensions.But they are in him. And what about waking them  up. The  price  of  person  is immense. In God’eyes alwyas  greater than  in the  eyes of the world. Once  a person already exists he  should try to be.We are invited  to be  full three – dimensional  beings. If we have a chance to try new  dimensions of our being, we should  not  postpone  this  opportunity.

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