The Goal

The goal:
To find out that our “First Question” is very similar to that of Cyrus Smith – in fact it is an analogy: “Island or mainland?” In other words:
“Is this – the Universe, the Earth, the matter, this life, – EVERYONE, or is there something beyond ITS BOUNDARIES?”
Are we an “ISLAND” and there is nothing but us – or are we part of an infinitely larger “FORTRESS” and our world is just a outcrop of this transcendent reality?
The answer to this question will determine everything:
If there is NO “beyond” this world, then we will “BUILD A HOUSE”: we will settle here and focus exclusively on it and seek our happiness exclusively within its borders.
If there is also something “beyond” the borders of the world, then we must ask ourselves a supplementary question: IS THIS WORLD “BEHIND BORDERS” WORTH IT? WHAT DOES IT OFFER?
If IT’S WORTH IT, “WE WILL BUILD A SHIP”: we go after it and we don’t care what we leave “on the island” of the world because of it…
If it is NOT WORTH, then we will still “BUILD A HOUSE” and never again worry about the nonsense “beyond the world.”
But in any case, our whole value system, our whole endeavor, our life goals, everything will depend on this key question and answer!
So, briefly and succinctly: IS THERE A GOD? LIFE AFTER DEATH? EXCEEDING THE SPIRITUAL WORLD, in which ours is as if “immersed”?
Why do you think so? Or isn’t it?
Do you have anything to substantiate your claim?
Realize that this is too serious a thing to deal with with the words “I don’t care”, resp. “For so my parents taught me,” or “because the pastor says so,” and so on.
We need to be SURE on this question – because no matter what answer we give ourselves (It exists and is worth it; It exists and it is not worth it; It does not exist), we will build our whole life and our destiny on this answer – and it is quite likely that or we gain everything or we lose everything!
There are some objective facts…
… With which we could substantiate and prove the existence of God?
<Search together!>
“Religion has really convinced people that there is an invisible man up there behind the cloud who watches everything you do, every minute of every day. And that invisible man has a special list of ten things he doesn’t want you to do. If you do one of those ten things, the invisible has a special place, full of fire and smoke and torture and flour, where he will send you to live and suffer and burn and suffocate and scream and cry forever forever. ”
(George Carlin, comedian, actor, writer)
In the following hours, we will answer three key questions:
Is God probable? Is the presumption of the existence of God – the Creator in accordance with the requirement of logic and RATIONALITY?
Are there any objective, tangible Manifestations of God?
Is there any concrete, common EXPERIENCE of God in mankind?
Based on them, we can then come to one of two possible conclusions:
OR to conclude with certainty that God exists
OR conclude that there is no convincing evidence that God did exist…

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