How to live when I can’t believe it?

1. You cannot live without faith
Yes, I have to tell you right at the beginning: When we can’t believe, then we can’t even live. In that case, you don’t, I can’t advise. An unbeliever cannot be helped. He wanted me would explain to you why this is so. We think that God is some theological concept, idea, or natural by force or something similar. My friends, God is a personality, and He truly lives and fulfills everything in everything. Oh, I don’t peace be with God, if I have not dealt with God, yes, if I am a child of God, I will live out of reality. And that’s a dangerous thing.
It was a big time in my life when I was young the officer in the first world war suddenly understood: “God is, after all, our destiny here too! ” At that moment, I felt like the man who had hit the car to the wall. I also said before: “I believe in one thing God “or similar phrases, but I didn’t understand that it was reality. Suddenly, however, I came across the reality of God.

One touching psalm in the Bible says that God is so real that He cannot escape. It says here: “If I ascended to heaven, there you are.” American cosmonaut Glenn said it shook him when you were in a space rocket. He realized, “God is here too!” “If I ascended to heaven” or rushed into outer space – “you are present there too!” If I dug into the even deeper than 1000 m – I would meet God there too! The psalmist says, “And if only I am in the grave, and you are there. “When I am in front of someone time flew to California, my wife from the aforementioned Psalm One passage I read when I was in San Francis opened his suitcase: “If I took the wings of the morning, Zory abounded by the longest sea, even if Yours accompanied me there hand and Your right hand would take hold of me. “God is a great fact! And because God is a great reality, we cannot.
To leave him out of our lives with impunity. When I live as if It was not God, by despising His laws, keeping Sunday holy, committing adultery, lying, I do not honor my parents, I do not glorify God; I live out of reality. I don’t know under such circumstances advise life!

Let’s look around the world around us: Many can’t live, nor those who earn a lot of money. They feel great restlessness in their souls: it doesn’t work in their personal lives either in the family. “How do we deal with life when we can no longer believe? “Then we will not know or live! And not at all, when we have to die. One hundred of us will not be here in a hundred years. Then we have all been dead. When someone says, “Nothing comes after death. Then we are dead! “then consider who you would rather trust, your heart or God’s word? How will it be with us dying when it suddenly comes to mind: “Now I can’t take with me none of what I have caught up with! ” maybe he built a house, I didn’t, maybe you. It’s nice for me Library. Of all that was pleasing to me, not of the people who were with me Dear, I can’t take anyone and anything with me. You’re the only one
we will take with us into eternity: Our guilt before God. Imagine: You are lying on a deathbed, and suddenly you think: “I have to give up everything – just all my guilt and sins, beginning at a young age, they will now appear with me before the saint and a righteous God! “How shall we stand before God’s judgment without faith in that, which justifies the wicked. And we before We will stand by him!

The Lord Jesus, who is so merciful, said, “Do not be afraid those who can kill you to death. ” Before such people, I would, I was afraid; but He says: These are small fish! – “Don’t be afraid of them, but fear him who can kill the body and damn the soul in hellfire. “- and as if a chill ran down His back, Jesus says once more – “Yes, fear him!”
A famous professor lived in Norway a few years ago, Hallesby. I also met him. He was a great man. A true, respected Norwegian. He aired throughout the week via worship radio. I can still imagine it today, how he stood in front of the microphone and said, “It may be that you are tonight you lie down comfortably in bed and wake up in hell tomorrow morning. I would therefore like to warn you! “These words caused a great deal of commotion, as Norwegians also belong to the category of “modern people,” how they play a “fantastic” role today. One journalist from the largest newspaper published in Oslo wrote an introductory article entitled “We do not live in the Middle Ages” with the following content: It is terrible that such a modern means as radio can be a spreader of such nonsense! And when the big newspaper publishes something like this, then all the smaller ones cry with them. And through the whole paper forest, it was: “We don’t live after all in the Middle Ages  !! How can one professor talk about hell!
And God’s word says, “God wants everyone to be saved, that everyone may know the truth. “Therefore we speak of faith, for God hath showed us the way of life which is blessed and blessed to die. How do we deal with life when we can no longer believe? How do you organize your life properly when I can no longer believe it? Without you can’t live it!

I want to explain it to you in another way. Imagine you have a nice little goldfish. One day you are, you think, “You poor thing, you still have to be in that cold water! I would finally like to make it really nice for you! ” And then her remove from the water, dry the terry towel with a towel and fold into the nice golden cage. You give her the best food-I don’t know what are they feeding goldfish -: ant eggs or something like that? So you give her the most beautiful and fat eggs and say, “My nice goldfish, such a beautiful gold cage, those beautiful ants eggs, the good air! You’re finally fine! “How will the fish react to this? He will be gratefully waving the fins  say, “Thank you, thank you!” No, he won’t, but he’ll catch it for air and flutter like wild. And if she could speak, for sure, she would cry out, “I do not want your golden cage, nor your ant eggs, I want to get back to my element, to the water! ” You see: Our element is the living God who created the heavens and the earth and us.

“All life springs from You” is how the Swiss begin the National anthem. God is our element! Unless I have a room with God, I can also give my soul a golden cage – you understand: today’s man gives his soul everything: fun, travel, the best food, good wine, everything- and our soul does shakes and says, “I basically don’t want all this! I long for my element; I want peace with God! “Do not be against yourself so cruel! Our hearts will cry in us until it finds peace with the living God! As a fish longs for its element, so does our soul to reach God, who is our element! How can we deal with life when we no longer know to believe? Then I can only say one thing: not at all in life, not at the moment of death, but not after death in eternity! And if you object, “All the people are doing pretty well they can manage, “then I have to answer you: But then still looks! However? For example, a man like Goethe was handsome, rich, wise, he was also a minister, in short, he had everything-one on at the end of his life, he told Eckermann that if he would count all those hours when he felt inner in his soul satisfaction that it wasn’t even three whole days. Such, without rest, was his life! No, one cannot deal with life if he has no faith!

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