Unbelief in Christ – an amazing betrayal

Imagine this situation: You are sitting in a car or bus that does not have the brakes in order. You sit and wait for death, and you don’t know it. If you knew it, you knew, you would certainly do something to prevent it, to prevent it. You will not sit down and get into this vehicle unless this serious error, such as bad brakes, has been rectified.

The lives of those who have refused to believe in Christ should be changed as soon as possible because they resemble those who sit in a vehicle without brakes. The words of the Gospel draw our attention to this: “He who despises me and does not receive my words has a judge” (Jn 12:48).

Those who have lost faith or did not believe in Christ are therefore critical that they do not realize how endangered their eternal happiness is. They need to understand that those who have refused to believe in Christ should try to change their minds. We see how many ways God is trying to show man how his life is endangered not only here on earth but especially his eternal life. Unbelief in Christ is also unbelief in God, and God wants to save all people.
St. Paul says that God created us without us, but He can save us only by our doing. Therefore, he sent us his Son, who taught us all we should do to be saved. Jesus taught us two gifts that we must not overlook: we have a reason, which makes us the pinnacle of all creation, and free will, which must cooperate with reason also in the matter of the salvation of our souls.

But let us also note today that God is testing us. Not to lose us, but to deserve his love even more. Therefore, sometimes it blinds our eyes and hardens our hearts so that we can then touch the bottom of God’s grace. Therefore, let us understand correctly that such states in our lives can also be a gift of God: A person is dissatisfied with himself when:
– he is disappointed
– feels a disease of his body or his neighbor
– survives the death of a loved one
– feels the temptation of body and soul

God does not allow this to destroy man even more, or because he is not interested in his creation, but vice versa. We should also correctly understand in our faith the words of an old Christian proverb: “Whom the Lord God loves, he visits with the cross.” This is to be realized before any of the above tests of faith come upon us.

None of us can say that he has not yet encountered difficulties in his faith. We must realize that the Lord wants to test us repeatedly, on the one hand and the other, to serve the punishments here on earth for our sins of unbelief that we have committed or to gain a higher degree by working for ourselves. Fame.

But let us also realize that even through our efforts, through our sufferings, trials, that is, through our example, he wants to win other brothers and sisters to his side. After all, more than one right approach of a Christian to God, when seen by indifferent and unbelieving people, encourages them to think and ponder. How many people have found their way to Christ based on the well-lived life of a believing Christian!

Therefore, let us not accept the trials sent upon us by the Lord as punishment, but as a grace that the Lord Jesus wants to work with us and that he has chosen us from among many to supplement in our own bodies what Christ’s body still lacks. This is how he mentions St. Paul in his letter.
We realize that unbelief in God’s help, in His protection, or in His reward for all that we do for the salvation of our souls and our neighbors would be a great insult and betrayal of Jesus’ love. Jesus did not love us only when He spoke of His passion and death. Jesus loved us even when he said, “It is finished” (Jn 19:30). For us today, this means that when we truly rise, we will see God in Jesus, and so we will go from darkness to light, from death to of life.

None of us want to sit in a car that has bad brakes. We are worried about our physical life. Therefore, let our attitude to faith be more serious, more responsible so that we do not once know the disappointment that could occur very quickly, unforeseen.

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