The forgotten God.

What about those who live as if there were no God, who put all their hopes in human forces, guided by the opinions and principles of this world. We could compare them to those animals that devour the acorns on the ground and cannot lift their eyes to the hand that pours them. We are most different from animals in that they have a body inclined to the ground. Their only horizon is the edges of the ramparts from which they eat; while we have our foreheads raised to heaven, we have a mind to know God, a heart they loved, and tongue to praise him. When an accident strikes, people immediately growl against God, against his providence. But he is convinced that God’s wisdom is watching over him and leading him to a supernatural goal; nothing seems terrible about eternity. Thus arises faith in God’s providence, which has two feelings. Not to be surprised and afraid of anything that ends in this life.
When an uneducated person enters an artist’s study, he sees several tools there that he doesn’t even know what they are used for, and he may think these tools are useless. And if he uses these tools unprofessionally and is injured, he is convinced that those tools are harmful. But the expert knows how to use those tools. Many consider the tools of the God-artist who created and rules this world to be unnecessary, useless, and meaningless if they do not know what they are for. It often seems to us that God is not doing righteously. It does not reward the good and does not punish the bad. We want to accomplish all of God’s work in our fast-moving days. Let Him Eternal act according to the laws of His eternity. Sometimes, s and God’s hand will make it clear when handing out rewards and punishments. If God visibly punished every sin here on earth, the last judgment would not even have to be. It is similar to remuneration. It is identical to the early blessings. If he didn’t include what they asked of them, it would be thought that he wouldn’t give them. And if he gave them whenever he asked for them, it would be assumed that we would serve him for such good. We doubt that everyone who endures the same evil is evil.

The difference between the sufferers is, even if they suffer the same torments. He perfects the affliction of some and perishes the rest of others. In trials, in suffering, some grumble, blaspheme against God, others call on him to pray to him to bless him. Therefore, it is necessary not to consider the suffering that the one endures, but how he takes it. The righteous behave like this. If God sends him goodies, he will receive them as gifts of heaven. If he endures deficiencies, adversity, does not fall into despair; he does not grumble; he never says everything is lost. He may despair, who, though he has lost everything, still has a kingdom, the kingdom of God. Necessary proof of future life is that the wicked in this world often live with impunity. One saint said. Not only am I glad that there is injustice in the world, but it fills me with joy when I can bear it. I am fair, and I suffer. This is a sign that God is waiting for me with a reward.

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