The Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed

All Souls’ Day 2021 B.
The cemetery is not one of those places we enjoy going to. Nobody rushes there; it is more likely to leave the graveyard quickly. We go there out of awe to our neighbors, and I think I’m telling the truth about that. In the cemetery, in front of the graves, we feel strange. We become aware that we have no solution to death, and that makes us insecure.
Questions arise: Where is the goal of our life? What is the meaning of our life? What will happen to our dead? Where are they? We cannot answer these questions with our knowledge, and we can only answer them out of our faith. When we talk about our end from the perspective of God, we are talking about a beginning. In our opinion, we are approaching the future; we call it death; from the point of view of faith, it is the beginning of a new life. Isn’t that a paradox?
God loves us, and our mistakes and sins are not an obstacle for him either because he loves us so much. We always have the opportunity to start over, i.e., to renew our relationship with God. Faith in God means having hope. Even when we look death in the face, we look in front of God. And where God is, there is life. Our earthly life will come to an end. But let us surprise ourselves! God has a new body for us, a new life; that is why we are of Hope fulfilled. There was an interesting broadcast on Czech radio, and it was a human interview with God.

Once, God supposedly said to a journalist: “So you want to do an interview with me. What do you want to ask me?” He said, “Dear God, what surprises you most about people?” God gave the following answer: “I am surprised that people risk their health to make a lot of Money, and then they give a lot of Money out so that they can get their health back in order. I am surprised that people are afraid of their future, but that they forget to live in the present. So, they actually live neither for the present nor for the future. I am surprised that they live as if they never have to die and die as if they had never lived. “
The journalist then asked God one more thing: “Dear God, what should parents teach their children?” God answered: “Loving parents should teach their children that they should love, love each other. They should also realize that what is most valuable is not what they have, but who they have. You should realize that it is not good to compare yourself to others. They should know that the richer is not the one who has the most, but the one who needs the least. I want them to know that it only takes a few seconds to strike someone deeply, but that it takes many years to heal such miracles. They should know that Money can buy anything except happiness. They should recognize that he is a real friend who knows everything about them and still loves them. “
After he finished the interview, the journalist’s impression was: “I sat there for a while, and I was happy to see God present. Then I thanked God that he had time for me. God’s answer to his thanks: “Whenever you want to speak to me, I’ll be there. I am available to everyone 24 hours a day. “
I have an essential question: Do we also count on God in our lives? If so, then death will not be a problem for us!

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