Fruit is crucial.

From its beginning, the Church has had to fight against wicked, erroneous, even insidious, and subtle attacks against the purity of the teachings of the Lord Jesus. These have been the errors of the Nestorians, the Monophysites, the Arians, Americanism in our time, and the Jehovah’s Witness movement. The Lord Jesus, in His omnipotence, foresaw and therefore prepared not only the apostles but us for it.

That is why this Gospel is not losing its relevance, and we must reflect on it. The Lord Jesus says. “Beware of false prophets: they come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. You shall know them by their fruits…” (Mt. 7:15-16).

With these words of the Lord Jesus, Matthew wants to warn us about Christian preachers of the Gospel who misrepresent them to us. They seem, and so they pretend, to belong to the community of Christ – the flock, they look like sheep, but in reality, they are ravening wolves. That’s because they are not proclaiming the message of the Lord Jesus. The Lord Jesus warns us that we must not be flippant in accepting doctrine just because it sounds religious, is pleasing to women, or mentions the name of God or the Lord Jesus. On the contrary, we must be vigilant because not everyone who flaunts the doctrine of Christ and salvation is a proclaimer of Christ because he does not mediate salvation.

We are witnessing magazines being published in foreign countries that are being spread even among our believers, which often do more harm than good. Believers enjoy them simply because they mention the name of Jesus and write the word of God, yet it is poison to the soul of the believing reader. Alternatively, books with a religious tinge are published in our country. Yet, a somewhat knowledgeable Christian finds after the first few pages that it is a fraud, a deliberately planned mockery of the faith, or for weak Christians, for those who are looking for a way to God, such books show a wrong, erroneous attitude towards belief in God.
Among such books are those published by Zenon Kosidowski, What the Prophets Told and What the Evangelists Told. Frankly, it’s rubbish, a pity to give some euros to them…

Therefore, believers must be careful in selecting books and judging them. The words of the Lord Jesus that “by their fruits, ye shall know them” are especially true here. This is a sure distinguishing mark. During the Second Vatican Council, the Church abolished the so-called Index of Forbidden Books and gave the faithful freedom to select literature, etc. But the Church lays it on our hearts to feel responsible for what we read.
We can speak on the subject – you know them by their fruits – in sessions, talks and the like.

Today, we have to realize that where the Church does not officially stand, where lay people speak about religion in our country without the bishop’s approval, there we are in danger of what the Gospel warns us about. Many of you have told me on more than one occasion that what they have heard has made them angry or offended them over The Cross in the Snares of Power series. The older ones who remember something know that 90 percent of it is a lie. And the younger ones need to realize that editing and dubbing can work a modern miracle. That is to say, to shake things up, and assemble items in a way that suits them; figuratively speaking, they can make an angel into a devil.

We, believers, are not forbidden to watch this. Nor do we need to get upset about it, but on the contrary, we are therefore to study more, ask questions, or even invoke discussion at the appropriate level, where texts will not be censored and what is to be said will not be ordered in advance.

We know that all of them, even the deluded ones of today, we’re proud, full of hatred, and two-faced. They wanted to reform others and forgot themselves. We must learn to persevere even in humility about faithfulness to Christ. The old motto says: “Truth will prevail! Every error shall perish.

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