And Jesus said. I come into this world…

Jesus’ declaration in John 9:39, “I have come into this world as a judge: so that those who do not see may see, and those who see may become blind,” holds deep significance in our current era of uncertainty and obscurity.

Similarly, the reverse—where the blind gain sight and the seeing lose it—is a powerful promise. How should we understand this? A natural introspection may provide clarity. When our vision dims in moments of darkness, we often seek the Light to lead us. Yet, there are times when we become accustomed to the shadows. Eventually, the absence of Light slips from our awareness. We perceive only what is directly in front, unfazed by the dimness. Average brightness then feels disturbing, clouding our vision paradoxically.

The entire Gospel portrays Jesus as Light incarnate. Light signifies vitality, hope, joy, and freedom, contrasting starkly with death, despair, emptiness, captivity, and bondage. Jesus consistently conveys his ability to infuse life and hope into external and internal darkness.

Amid the pandemic, fear, doubt, and weariness deeply affect us. We decide to embrace the Light by inviting Jesus into our shadowed existence, or remain in darkness, carrying our burdens alone. The temptation to succumb to darkness is intense. We immerse ourselves in the news, analyzing every detail and planning our steps. The internet has inundated us with supposedly foolproof advice on navigating these challenges, limiting our perspective to immediate surroundings. The crux of the matter remains hidden. Words urging trust in a kindly God may feel blinding. Preferring the comfort of apparent certainties and unwavering predictions, we strive to stay in control. Over time, our hearts grow distant from God, hardening into apathy, deafness, void, and despair.

Do not shy away from the Light:

In prayer, surrender your helplessness, fears, assumptions, and seeming certainties to God.

Yield control of your life to Him once again.

Let’s ask Him to perceive our lives through His eyes,

viewing with faith in a merciful and logical God,

progressing in this belief day by day.

For He is kind,

the ultimate assurance

of our eternal existence,

caring for our welfare.

He awaits each of us warmly at Home

With open arms.


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