The springs of crisis in our faith

When we look around, we often see that believers are not fulfilling their responsibilities as they did before. Sometimes we hear it: I was a minister, and now I don’t believe it. Or: I have already prayed for it; God didn’t help me when I was sick. When I see myself go to church X.Y., I don’t go there and stuff.
We know that the basic activity in a person’s life is faith. It is needed in natural life, but also in the supernatural. It is impossible to imagine life without faith. We must be grateful to the Lord Jesus for drawing our attention to something significant today.

In the Gospel, the Lord Jesus turned to doubters and murmurs, saying, “The words that I have spoken unto you are spirit and life” (Jn 6:63).

Jesus’ talk of the Eucharist, which we have been discussing for several weeks, guided our thoughts. This speech infuriated the Jews and brought evil into the ranks of his disciples. Like others, they could not understand how Jesus could eat his flesh and food. That is why we hear the words from their mouths: “It’s hard speech! Who can listen to this ?! ”(Jn 6,60).
And many departed from Jesus. Leaving the Lord Jesus must not be seen as a problem – whether to acknowledge the Lord Jesus. We must understand this as an emotional problem that has been present to many in listening to Jesus. And when the emotions passed, the feelings weakened, the need for rational thought appeared, and his students did not resign. Jesus asks them to believe in faith, but they are unable to understand it.
Pascal said that for both love and faith, we need courage. Lack of courage to believe not only weakens it but often makes it impossible.
What are the obstacles that make our faith impossible?

The most serious obstacle is when we want to explain everything with our reason, which is impossible. We often hear: What I don’t see, I don’t believe! And yet, there are many things that we do not see and believe exist. We haven’t seen any gamma, and yet we believe it is. We haven’t seen the electricity, and we believe it exists. A blind man has never seen the sun, and yet he believes it exists.

The greatest difficulty for the apostles was to believe what is impossible by human forces. How can Jesus let us eat his body?
The answer to this question is substantial, important, and yet simple. If Jesus can feed five thousand people with five loaves, if he can restore the blind man’s sight when he has raised Lazarus to life for three days, then that means he can give his body for food. Faith, in this case, is a sign of trust in Christ. Thus, the apostles believed the Lord Jesus completely. To the question of the Lord Jesus: “Do you also want to go away?” (Jn 6:67). Peter answers, “Lord, and to whom would we go? You have the words of eternal life” (Jn 6:68).

It is possible to depart from Christ; it is possible to betray him, it is possible to renounce him completely, but what about giving the human soul instead of Christ ?! The soul of man is hungry for God. She also takes over, although I can’t saturate her. On this topic, he said seriously the words of St. Augustine: “You have created us for yourself, Lord, and our souls are dissatisfied until they rest in you.”

Every Church, and even more so Christianity, has its secrets, which can be clarified and fully understood only in the light of the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus. That was the reason of St. Paul to write the following words in the Letter to the Corinthians: “But if Christ does not rise, then our preaching is in vain, and your faith is also in vain” (1 Cor 15:14). The resurrection of Christ is the last and most serious evidence, an argument.
The second reason that often causes a crisis of faith is our earthly thinking. This is how some of his listeners understood the words of the Lord Jesus, and so his apostles often thought. The most serious concern for them was the concern for a temporary life. To ensure the most satisfying life here on earth, free oneself from difficulties, and enjoy it as much as possible. And many thought that was most necessary. To believe in eternal bliss – heaven, in the Eucharist, in eternal life, and is a lot for man today.

How does the Lord Jesus respond to these difficulties? His words are clear. Taking care of life here on earth is a good thing; it’s necessary. The Lord Jesus praises her elsewhere and stresses that this concern will not solve human life. In addition to the body, man also has a soul, and therefore he must take care of it.
The words of the Lord Jesus from the Gospel are eloquent: “The Spirit quickened; the flesh profited nothing. The words I have said to you are Spirit and life “(Jn 6:63). The word flesh in this text means temporary abode here on earth. When it is, it is wrong to rely on it because it will all end one day and realize that our real life is just beginning after our death. In our lives here on earth, we must learn to properly evaluate our relationship, which means that we must not disparage our mission on earth, but we must be aware that we will be rewarded for living here on earth one day.

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