You can hide nothing from God.

I once experienced an unpleasant thing. Unwillingly, I had to listen to a conversation between two young people hiding their evil deeds. Although he had strong words full of bold ideas, she was afraid. And finally, it ended with her triumph when she said in a firm voice, “Everything will come out one day, and then you will be sorry!”

In the Gospel, we heard similar words: “For nothing is hidden that should not be revealed, nor concealed that should not be made public” (Mk 4:22). With this simile, Jesus wants to tell his listeners, and us too, to reflect on the thoughtlessness and wisdom of doing certain things. Many people can think about material things, but less about spiritual things.

It would indeed be unreasonable for someone to light a candle and not put it on a candlestick but hide it under the bed. Why light a candle at all, then, if it serves no purpose? A candle should be lit when it is dark and placed on a candlestick, for even a small child knows how to do that. It often happens that people will also say like this: “I just thought of that, and it is not a sin. Nobody knows that I thought about it…” Man is made in the image of God, and at his conception, he was given something that must shine, something that provides value to his body – a soul.

The soul of man is to bear witness that fills the life with man. From the human heart comes all evil and good. Out of human life comes both riches and chaff. In the suddenness of the heart, either light or darkness is born. But whichever of the two it is, there will come a day, a moment, that will bring forth a harvest – it will be light or darkness.

We can compare it to the disciples. One is not doing his duty; he is not studying, he is not writing his assignments, he is always busy with everything, everything else interests him but school – and the result? When the time comes, the report card and the same thing show up in bad grades. And the other pupil, although he has no talent, learns, tries, overcomes himself, again and again, the teacher sees it in the end and rewards his effort, his hidden effort, with a good mark.

Or do we think that a man becomes terrible instantly? For example, a thief? A murderer? A rapist? No. Just as a good person is not a saint from birth, but gradually works on himself, protects himself from sin, does not read a book that can harm his soul, but instead puts it down. He doesn’t see a bad movie because he wants to give all his love and a healthy body to his future spouse at the altar one day. Daily he often has to beware of himself, of the danger of sin. So, he tries to build up a treasure in himself and acquire the most vital and most beautiful good qualities: honesty, truthfulness, justice, respect for strangers, and persons, respect for his own body. It is a constant struggle within himself in secret, but at the same time, it fills him with a sense of a job well done.

On the other hand, no sin will satisfy a man. At first, it is small neglect of good, disobedience, but later on, one gets used to even such minor transgressions, then once in secret, one offends God. He will be very sorry, very embarrassed, but he will get used to it. Just as a smoker does not smoke thirty cigarettes a day, but starts with one, and in a week, he smokes three… First, he begins with a puff of cheers on his name day or other celebrations, and then he cannot say to himself: ‘Enough!’

In secret, many things don’t stick. First, they are noticed by those more experienced or those who live with them. And then everyone.

The Lord Jesus says to all: “He who has ears to hear, let him hear!” (Mk 4:23). We have all been given a clean slate. We all have two ears. How do we listen? Jesus added, “Pay attention to what you hear!” (Mk 4:24). For often, the words of the Slovak proverb come true: “Tell me who you are friends with, and I will tell you what you are like.”

Parents, do you know what kind of friends your children have and what they talk about with each other? I feel bad for kids who walk around with a key around their necks. The Lord Jesus says: “As ye measure, so shall it be measured unto you, and shall be added unto you.” (Mk. 4:24) – profound words. Not only parents, but all those who are entrusted with pure and uncorrupted hearts, must be aware of them. It depends on whether they will shine or become darkness that will consume them. God has placed in your hearts, parents, a duty which no one has the right to take away from you, namely: to raise your children to be good, believing people. Every neglect of good, overlooking a bad trait, and failing to notice a hidden affection, may mark the beginning of a wrong end. For how many misfortunes would have been prevented if the parents had noticed that the boy was beginning to lie, or that a single crown was missing from his wallet without asking, or that the girl was not coming home on time, and even pleading that she already had an identity card.

We think to ourselves. Am I still a candle? Am I not swallowed by the darkness? What predatory fear will grip us when the true Judge of all deeds appears before our eyes. Even the saints are filled with awe when they stand for him… spake Sibyl and David in the hymn of the last day.

If not now, surely then all will see all that we have done in secret, and let us remember this significant moment in our moments of decision.

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