The Seed of the Word of God.

Brothers and sisters, you probably have a little library at home and should not be missing the Holy Scriptures. You have read many books, novels, and detective stories, but have you also read that book of books, the whole book, one by one, alone, or as a family together? Have you read the whole of the Holy Scriptures?

The Gospel speaks of a sower who went out to sow seed.

Christ also took this parable from life. Everyone knows this parable, and yet not everyone has fully understood what Christ meant to say.
Christ’s words are just as valid today as they were two thousand years ago and will be just as good until the world’s end. Many believe that the Holy Scriptures are no longer valid today. They refute its value; they attack some of its passages from various sides, yet they have understood nothing of what Christ, God, and the scribes meant to say. They want to explain the Scriptures, they want to be teachers of the Scriptures, and they don’t want to know the true meaning of the author of those words. We can compare the words of Holy Scripture to the grain of the Gospel. The role is our life. The grain is still the same. The terms of Holy Scripture are still the same; it depends on where the grain falls. It is up to us how we receive the words of Scripture.

Reading the Holy Scriptures is not an easy thing to do. Sometimes there are words you can interpret in many ways, and the next time you read them, you will notice that you missed the idea. You may tell yourself that everything in the Gospel is clear and that you don’t need an explanation.
And yet I would point out to you that there is also something deeply mysterious in it.

The first thing I would point out to you is that God’s voice can be unsuccessful. The older altar brethren remark, “I have found in my years of preaching that hearers can only choose what suits them, what answers their opinion and needs. We know many terrorists who pick only something out of the Scriptures, who recognize only what works for them.

They do not seek to let the seed fall into the fertile soil or heart. If that seed doesn’t suit them, they let it fall by the wayside. By doing so, they are only deceiving themselves. Why? Many have formed an idea of God in childhood, and if someone now disturbs it, they cannot defend themselves, even from themselves, so they let the enemies of Christ talk around them. If our religious feeling and education grew in proportion to our age, we would not be so quick to attack the Church and God in the presence of a Christian.

Others regard religion and God as romantic delusions. They say that this is how the world is today and that it can exist without God.
Someone remarked that the Gospel of Jesus is beautiful, but it strikes me as music from another world that one cannot dance to. It is. You can’t dance to the Gospel. The Gospel needs moral people, not whimsical people. That’s why the wheat falls into the thorns.

When we look at the world map, brothers and sisters, we find that God’s field is evergreen. Even today, the seed of the Gospel is finding fertile soil. It brings forth a harvest, and often, it amazes man that it is where we least expect it.
The Church is alive, bringing forth a harvest, and those who say it will perish must admit that they are wrong. The Church is still green and young, even if some of its members are disbelievers. It is bearing a harvest even though quantity is declining and quality is increasing.

Parents, Jesus is calling you too. If your children betray you, show all the more patiently! When you sow, do not immediately expect a harvest. Others will plant, and others will reap. I am convinced these last words will fall on the most fertile soil.

The seed of the Gospel of Christ is determined. The source has fallen. Christ has spoken. What soil am I? Let us take that dusty Holy Scripture, search it out, borrow it, and try to sow.

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