Love for God and neighbor.

There were two rabbis in the time of the Lord Jesus. One was called Shammai and was strict the other was called Ilev and was rather liberal. A certain Gentile came to Rabbi Shammai wanting to become a proselyte. He asked the rabbi to explain the Torah to him, for as long as he could stand on one leg. The rabbi was angry, took his staff, and drove him away. So the gentile went to Rabbi Ilev and made his request, He told him, well stand on one foot and I’ll tell you. Don’t do to your neighbor what you don’t want others to do to you. The rest of the Torah is just an explanation and you will learn that later. Jesus pushed this requirement higher and said. Do what you want others to do to you.
Why should we love God? Because God is the foundation of our existence. Also because God is good, and kind. It is natural for man to love what is beautiful. The devil does not want people to love the Lord God. That is why he tries to make people believe that God is unjust, that he does not care for people, that is, he tries to present God in a negative sense. Man becomes what he loves. He who loves money becomes a money lender. He who loves only himself becomes an egoist. How is the love of the neighbor manifested? Love of neighbor is manifested, by acts of physical and spiritual mercy. Contemporary culture leads man to the fulfillment of his desires. First advertising awakens these desires in man, and then man tries to enlist what advertising offers him. The society in which we live is called a consumer society because it is consumer-oriented. Many people live only for themselves. They do not help others. They live by the motto, let each man take care of himself. This only confirms how far the world today has moved away from the teachings of Christ.

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