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Forgive and you will be forgiven

Explain the process of forgiveness and thus initiate forgiveness1Undoubtedly, each of us had experienced a situation in our lives when someone caused us some wrong, either they were false words to our address, insult, or did not get what we … Continue reading

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Who is a human being?

If we start from these two sources – reason and revelation –we can distinguish four basic characteristics of human nature. These give us a clear picture of who we are in the heart of our being. We are: 1. creatures, … Continue reading

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Big little things

Through little things come to perfection in our lives.Today, at every turn, advertisements that say everything are printing on us all is perfect; everything is great and perfect. In the Gospel, Jesus Christ called us all: “Be ye therefore perfect, … Continue reading

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Second Sunday B of Lent Mk 9,2-19

Lent and our transformation (Mark 9: 9-10)Lent liturgical period – a time of spiritual growth and progress. It is clear to each of us that the fish is made for swimming. The bird is made for flying, and its place … Continue reading

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Personal occupation

In paradise, God called Adam, and he answered him.In the conversation, the first word belongs to the Lord; by this word, the Lord gives every creature existence. Man is called to be one way or another; he has his own … Continue reading

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Signs in our lives

Point out that signs are all around usOur lives are full of different symbols and signs. Maybe none of us will say that the signs are something unknown to him. We meet them every day at every step. In the … Continue reading

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Fasting – a cure for body and soul

At first, fasting was expected to have a healing effect on the body and soul. Fasting was primarily to protect a person from demonic influences. This view has its reason in the view of primitive nations on food intake. People … Continue reading

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Introduce prayer as an honest act

Prayer is a common thing in our lives. We have been teaching children to pray since we were little.I don’t think any of you are sitting here are encountering this notion of prayer today the first time. In the gospel, … Continue reading

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Current memento.

How far am I from God? How do I live my faith? Am I a Christian only in church? At the end of time, Jesus will separate “He will set the sheep on the right and the goats on the … Continue reading

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What is sleep and dream?

Sleep is a great blessing for a person. It refreshes the body and spirit and is a necessary condition for health. Sleep is the retreat of the soul from conscious to subconscious activity. The consciousness of the dormant disappears because … Continue reading

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