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Jesus demonstrates love through miracles

Let us do deeds of love. Which one of you doesn’t like it? Such a person is not here, but someone will say it is just him. It is said to be a problem today, but many psychologists claim that it … Continue reading

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In the center is the sonship

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The power of the will and its power MM 22

The will is innate to every individual, but not to the same extent. Strong will, energy can be cultivated through exercise. To develop, I have to have an idea. Without this idea, the will is blind and will not awaken. … Continue reading

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Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time Mk 1,21-28

Christ came to deliver us from the Devil and sin (Mark 1: 21-28)Realize that you can live without sin. Dear brothers and sisters, today is characterized by a great plurality of sins. The performance of Jesus Christ is an example … Continue reading

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Work on yourself

Jesus requires each of us to work for ourselves.I’m sure all athletes will agree with me when I say I can’t whip up the one who does not train to great football performance. The one on training flak can not … Continue reading

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To be light

Jesus places a condition on us.Life brings us different situations. Once we are happy, undressed, because we are at the wedding, once we are in overalls with an ax in hand, and we are preparing wood for winter … I … Continue reading

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Living with Jesus

Jesus redeemed and saved everyone.When a person gets to the hospital, he often asks, “Doctor, what is the hope? ” The doctor may answer differently, depending on the circumstances. We are a real surprise if we hear, “You have no … Continue reading

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Evolution is a “crane” that allows us to imagine the origin and evolution of life without God. A mechanism that explains how everything around us could have come into being: “Even before Darwin, philosophers like Hume understood that the improbability … Continue reading

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Fight against sin

Let us be healed of Jesus’ sins.Surely we have heard the words to our address or the address of others: “Hey, you don’t have it right in your head, “or someone evaluated us with the words:” How are you? He … Continue reading

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Prerequisites for success

First assumption…We already know that the first prerequisite for any SUCCESS is “proactivity” – that is, BEING A FIGHTER. The team that acts.NO SUCCESS THANKS!The second assumption…:“When a violin virtuoso plays a perfect solo during a classical music concert, or … Continue reading

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