About me

My name is Peter Prochac. I was born in Bratislava in 1954 and I grew up in a religious family. My father was a civil engineer and my mother was a technical officer. I have two siblings. I attended high school and then I studied theology in Bratislava. When I was 15, I already wanted to become a priest. In 1979 I was ordained. Then I worked as a chaplain and later as a pastor in many different parishes.
In Slovakia I worked as a priest for 30 years. People ask me, why did I decide to go to Austria? In 2008 came to change diocesan boundaries of the church in Slovakia. Many priests got into the other diocese. By the decision of the Vatican. The Vatican issued the decision that all priests who were affiliated to another diocese have the right to leave the new Diezzo. In a word, they did not have to stay in their new diocese. About 70% of our deanery departed from the deanery. For me, the situation was a bit different. By the decision of the Lord Bishop my parish was dissolved /reorganization/. I was free. I wanted to try to go to another country. Because I also had the German ancestors, it was natural for me that I wanted to work in German-speaking areas. I have written several letters to the bishops in Germany and Austria. Mr. Bishop Dr. Ludwig Schwarz in Linz reacted immediately. He called me right away. Sometimes people ask me, whether it was difficult for me to come to Austria, in a country with different traditions and a different culture. I knew Austria, after the Iron Curtain fell I was often in Vienna. We have been prepared in an introductory course. I was not afraid of the new. Daily life as a priest was much more difficult in Slovakia. Here in Austria many people help the priest. In Slovakia I had to do almost everything myself. Now I would like to answer the question how do I see my effect in Austria, in Großraming? To lead people to God, in the children and young people form positive relationship with God to the Church. The adults deepen the faith. To be spiritual in one word. Where spiritual life is lacking, our Christianity floats in the air. I know several people who say I believe in God. I am not a bad person. In practical life, these people live without God. They have no relationship with God. They turn to God only when they are in trouble. These people have completely forgotten that eternity exists. Many people have a wrong opinion, I do not do anything bad, so everything is fine. Let us not forget that the kingdom of God is a treasure that we must seek. Why would not the law be valid in Christianity, which is valid everywhere? If I want to be a good sportsman, I have to train hard, if I want to speak the English language, I have to do the exercises. Likewise, it’s the piano. If I want to achieve something, I have to devote time to that one. Without work, without training we can not reach a goal. In order for me to be able to work spiritually in Grossraming, I must have the opportunity to meet with the people. I am convinced that I will have this opportunity. I look forward to it.
Your chaplain