Healthy eyes of soul and body. Pay attention to your soul and the souls around you.

Why don’t we beg anymore? We’ve already resigned from correction…? It is suitable if each of us wants to hear the words from the mouth of Jesus: “Look, your faith has made you well” (Lk 18:42). The well-known incident about the healing of blind Bartimaeus. What important can we notice? What do you think is essential? And why? And can Jesus, who is “love” (1 Jn 4:16), answer other than: “Go, your faith has made you well” (Lk 18:42)?! The incident is an entire of dynamics. The climax and, for us a challenge, an appeal, and the memento are not the words of Bartimaeus, nor the words of the witnesses of the event, but the remark of the evangelist St. Luke: “And immediately he saw and followed him” (Lk 18:43).

How many times have we met Jesus in our life? They were meetings in prayer, with our neighbors, through events, through things… They were experiences; we felt the dynamism, showed a particular activity, made resolutions… And in a day, I’m guessing an hour or something shorter in time, we already forgot, and we were where we were before. Jesus forgave us, healed our souls, we regretted our brother’s insult, and let’s face it, life went on in the old ways because we forgot the important thing. “To follow Jesus, praise him, thank him, bow down to him, and glorify God.” Like that, I woke up to a new day, that I’m healthy, that I can work, and so on… they forgot.

Jesus is passing by even now. Today, when the Church gives us to read this pericope of the Gospel, she wants even more from us. It can be expressed in the following words: So that we step onto the next path of our life, no longer sick, that is, no longer in sin and with sin, about God, to our neighbor or ourselves, but to continue walking with God as his friends, so that we they were indeed brothers and sisters to each other. We realize that Jesus rightly asks and expects personal commitment from us.

An Asian monarch brought sundials to his subjects from his travels because no one in his kingdom had a clock yet. This wonderful gift changed the life of the entire kingdom. The subjects quickly learned to use the clock. The clock helped them to be on time, fulfill their duties on time, and so on. In a few years, they learned to use sundials and gain wealth with them skillfully. When the monarch died, they wanted to build him a monument that would remind them of the monarch. And since the sundial symbolized the sovereign’s goodness and the source of their wealth, they thought of building a magnificent temple with a golden dome. When they finished the work, the golden dome covered the sundial, and the clock stopped working. The clock lost its aim, and as a result, the nation began to decline.

The teachings of Jesus have undoubtedly benefited us. It is fitting that we want to draw from God’s word and not look at it only sometimes or when it suits us. 

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