Blessed are the pure in heart ,because will see God Mt 5,8

Blessed are the pure in heart, because they will see God ▪ Mt 5, 8.

B. Häring in the book Our stagnation in the new world writes: “Not external success, not economic and technical progress, but a pure heart (Mt 5, 8), a heart filled with selfless love for God and neighbor, he carries the hope that he will see God. God is love, and only those who truly love can know him here on earth and see him face to face one day (1 Cor 13:12)”. That is why only people with a pure heart are promised to see God. Only such “will look upon his face” (Revelation 22:4).

To St. John Vianey, an intelligent man, came to the parish priest in Ars and wanted to talk to him about his various difficulties with faith in God. The saint said to him: “Your confessor, kneel.” No, Father, understand me; I did not come to confess but to debate about faith.” But the saint again: “Kneel.” Okay father, but I’m not ready.”I’ll help you,” And he confessed. He confessed at length. He received absolution, and then the saint invited him to sit down and discuss all the difficulties. The guest, full of peace and spiritual joy, responded: “It is strange and strange, I no longer have any difficulties with the message of Jesus.” the saint replied: “Encase, you already have a pure heart. “” Jesus’‘ path to G d requires a pure heart more than wise reasoning. Whoever has a heart overflowing with crazy passions and earthly ambitions will never see God face to face nor drown in his blissful majesty.
“The Lord loves The pure in heart, and the unbroken are dear to him. The king is a friend to a man of lovely feathers” Proverbs 22, 11).

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