The warning not to server mammon is not a denial od temporall values.


By mammon we can understand all created things to which man devotes so much attention, time and effort. Such things as wealth, status, power, health, beauty – are very good and useful, even necessary in certain circumstances. And it is good if one can get money or education, fix one’s health, dress nicely, etc. The sense of the value of a thing is something positive and promotes man’s creative relationship to the world (J. Pietraszko). But only as long as it does not turn into greed and blindness. With too much care, man becomes a servant of those created things, their slave: his money, his success, his popularity – while they are supposed to serve us, not the other way around! If man subdues the created things, if he has dominion over them – he can do with them what he likes, and therefore he can put themat the service of God.

And to serve God means to give God our intelligence, our health, our energy, our talents and abilities, so that through us He may reveal His Providence, accomplish His will and carry out His plans, so that through us He may continually create the world, sanctify it and bring it salvation. And this is the true benefit of created things. As Bertold Brecht said, Every thing belongs to him who makes it better. And this is the realization of the kingdom of God, which today is said to be sought first. Then God will “add” to us all that we will need for the building of that kingdom. To the man who puts everything at God’s disposal – God, for His part, also puts everything at his dispos

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