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It is made up of two hemispheres, connected in depth by a whitish fibrous mass called a beam. The nerve fibers emanating from the gray substance converge in the beam, which is the linker of an idea sent from both halves to the center of the small brain mineral to pass to the appropriate thread on the surface of the cerebellum and in which the body’s motor nerves control organism. When creating an idea, both halves of the large brain always work in the entire extent of the cerebral cortex. Both halves always develop evenly in the threads, which is on one and the other side of the half. If a failure occurs gradually, the death of one thread of one half is amplified and the ability contained therein in the opposite thread of the other half is amplified, initially at the expense of the surrounding threads. Then the patient feels a decrease in mental strength. The nerves that emanate from both halves of the brain cross in the elongated spinal cord, so that the fibers emanating from the left half lead to the right half of the body and vice versa. If there is a disorder in the right leg or in the right hand, it is necessary to look for the cause in the left half of the brain,
In order for the soul to be able to control the brain perfectly, its instrument, which is conditioned by sustaining life, has certain defined fields of individual activities on the cerebral cortex. They are individual centers for sight, hearing, smell, rush, and so on. All thoughts, judgments, and manifestations of mental activity are aroused on the basis of impressions that we have met with our senses. The more we learn, the more the mass of the gray cortex increases. It has been found that in the brain, and especially in its gray cortex, there are an unusually large number of types of nerve cells that differ from each other by unequal size and shape of their cell body as well as unequal ends of protrusions that form transitions from one nerve cell to another. The type of nerve cells lies only in a precisely limited place of the gray matter.

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