The salt of the earth and the light of the world.

Encourage people to become the salt of the earth through their Christian lives and the light of the world.
Do you like warm raspberry, especially on hot days? And it tastes cold to you, soup from the fridge? And cold sausages? This is certainly a reaction of taste cups. However, we know that everything should be such that people like it. You had already experienced in the evening when there was no electricity and no light? Then the little candle will light the whole room.
In the Gospel, Jesus says, “You are the salt of the earth. You are the light of the world ”(Mt 5,13- 14). A small group of disciples, the Church of Jesus, are to be the salt of the earth. According to
the ground can be compared to unusable food. When we look at things only from a quantitative perspective, there will always be a relationship between Christ’s followers and the world, a similar ratio between grains of salt and food. Christian, is still called to salt his surroundings as food. Being salt is an important profession.
Whoever wants to fulfill it must also know about the victim who is involved. If he has salt to fulfill its role, it must be dissolved. Salt always serves by passing on everything in it. Salt that is not transferred remains only in the salt shaker; he loses his ability to salt and can no longer acquire it. This is how the living belongs to Christians in the middle of the world. Just as salt dissolves in service, so does light pass when it is lit. The light should not be placed under the meter. As the light’s role to shine, it is the most sacred duty of Christians to prove love and true life in Christ.
The disciple’s only task is to leave the light beam of this light free,
do not stand in the way of light as an obstacle. The light power of the disciples of Jesus lies in that they enlighten the world by their actions. Jesus added to the image of salt and light the third image of the city on the hill. He means this: your disciples cannot stay on this world hiding. They see you. They notice you. How to pass Jerusalem and not notice this city on the hill just can’t be ignored either the reality of the Church of Jesus on earth. She’s just here. And the world has to deal with it, whether he likes it or not. A Christian should live by the example of Christ. People see us, they know us, are researching. We cannot live comfortably as we like, but as we should. The world is waiting for an example from us. The candle is not lit to benefit itself but to all around. Each of us is a candle that has light from Jesus Christ, who is the light of the world (cf. Jn 8:12). It is necessary to give this light further, to spread it among neighbors. The salt is to adds flavor to the food. We can say that every one of us is also salt, and we are to salt our world. We didn’t get life to be wasted. We did not get the reason to be comfortable, but they were educated and helped others. We did not receive the property to acquire its power but to care for the poor and needy. Talk about the need to know a lot of neighbors. But speech is not as eloquent and convincing as deeds. If
the lamp does not light, what is it? It only interferes and eventually ends up in the trash. Let it shine like that your light before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father.
Do you remember the fairy tale “Salt over Gold”? People lived in it peacefully until one of the daughters told the king that she liked him like salt. The king drove her out of his kingdom, and salt became stones throughout the kingdom. Life without salt people was tough. They didn’t like all the food they cooked without salt, and they were agitated. However, when you return, the king’s daughters had salt again, they could live happily.
Let us also be the real salt of this world. Let us be the real light of the world. Only then will we give the world a Christian flavor and enlighten it to Christ’s light. Let us always ask, even at this Holy Mass, for strength to make us prosper.

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