Keeping the commandments.

Encourage people to live their lives by God’s commandments. Many people nowadays long for change. The old ones consider it overcome. What is young, modern, they approve of. Many would like God the commandments to be abolished, not to have to behave according to them.
In the Gospels, Jesus speaks of the commandments: “He who keeps them, and so will to teach, he shall be great in the kingdom of heaven ”(Mt 5:19). Jesus explains that the law must be kept to the smallest detail. And if any of the disciples disregard some of the least commandments, and he would explain it as unimportant, he would be the smallest in the Kingdom of Heaven. However, the teacher and the one who fulfills even the smallest commandment will be in Heaven’s
kingdom big. Jesus appears almost like a friend of the Pharisees. After all, they were what they complied with the Law in the smallest detail. We ask: What is meant by Law here, with the smallest commandments? What does it mean to meet? How God cannot recall
his promises in the Old Testament, but he sent Jesus so that he would not repeal his law, but he sent his Son to fill him. The Old Testament promises are by then resemble only an empty container until they become an event of the events for which it applies. Only by carrying out the events of the New Testament is the vessel filled. As empty predictions are unfilled, the Law is empty until all the obedience that belongs to him is manifested. They are in Jesus Christ now the prophecies and the Law has been fulfilled; that is, they have become a reality. Jesus’ life was the unique realization of what the prophecies and the Law demand. Fulfillment Of the Law, as Jesus thinks, does not consist of mechanical, external, literally keeping the commandments and all the additions and additions. Still, love is the fulfillment of the Law. When everyone, even the enemy, is loved, only then the Law and the words of the prophets are filled in, in their own sense, in a comma, and by letters.
Each one of us is called to fill our lives with love. But love none of us acquire automatically. To have her, we have to take care of her, make an effort. The more we keep to God’s commandments, the more hours will be life to resemble Jesus. And the more our life is like Jesus, the more our life will be filled with love. Jesus himself showed us the way. He loved all people without distinction. He didn’t look at which social class he was from, but he also met people whom others despised. Let’s think about how we are doing. Do we follow God’s commandments in our lives? While maintaining them, we do not have to worry about losing our freedom. Obedience to the commandments elevates man to true size, as we clearly hear: “Who is them, he shall be great in the kingdom of heaven ”(Mt 5:19).

In its size, it results from his union with God and God’s will. Who keeps the commandments? He wants the same thing that God desires and fulfills what God wants to fulfill through him. And just a man who does God’s will establishes a strong position in heaven’s kingdom. Nowadays, many drivers ride their cars according to their own ideas.
They do not follow the maximum permitted speed, do not respect traffic signs, and behave very arrogant. Often such drivers end their journey tragically and do not reach the destination. However, those who respect traffic signs, maximum speed, and the law will not end theirs way, but they come to the destination. Let us also be such disciplined drivers. Let’s not just act as it suits us, but let’s apply to his life the demands that God has given us through his commandments. Using these commandments, we come to our goal, to the kingdom of heaven.

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