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Going on the path of happiness that Jesus shows us is difficult and often at odds with the world, but the fruits of this way of Jesus are all the more valuable. We have to admit that each o life loves and needs a certain species of peace, at least a small sense of security and safety. One can, in such an environment, develop and advance. On the contrary, it is awful for a person to find himself in an environment of unrest and insecurity. It is natural for a person to protect his feeling of certainty and peace. The gospel may seem too harsh to us, and perhaps words of peace, which were at the outset, seem to us to be at odds with Jesus’ work and learning. Christ says, “Do not think that I have brought peace to the earth. Not peace I have brought it, but the sword ”(Mt 10:34).
How do you understand these words? Indeed, Jesus many times by his teachings, its requirements do not bring peace, but division. Acts, miracles, or proclamations Many of Jesus’ contemporaries could not accept the Gospels. Jesus often aroused attention and outrage by his behavior toward sinners and toll boosters towards people on the margins of society at that time. This is his behavior. It was considered indecent until blasphemous, and it went so far as to the courtyard before Pilate, many shouted, “Crucify him.” Christ often brings unrest into our personal lives. On the one side are the gospel’s demands, often very radical, and on the other, we, the weak and sinful people, are on the side—people who undergo daily a difficult struggle between good and evil. We often feel that there is a kind of voltage inside us. Let us remember Paul’s acquaintance: “The body asks what is against it the spirit and the spirit that is against the body. ” Man longs for the earthly good, which is a certain way the measure is not bad, but this lust has its limits. These boundaries begin where the spiritual side of man begins. When the inner person sounds a voice, “Not this anymore.” A voice that draws attention to certain boundaries, one begins to fight body and spirit. We could say that it is a struggle between the peace that it gives the world and the peace that Christ gives. Jesus says, “I leave my peace to you, I give you my peace, but I do not give you as the world gives. ” The world gives us offers wealth, and Jesus speaks of poverty in spirit, the world offers us joy, cheerfulness, noise, and Jesus bless the silent and humble hearts. Such,j we could find many more opposites.
We can see that the path of happiness that Jesus offers us is the opposite
of the path of happiness that the world offers us. We often have to admit that we are attracted to us to follow the path of happiness that the world offers us. But will we find permanent on this path happiness? You will surely agree with me that a person values ​​what he has acquired more
hard effort. The greater this effort, the more concrete the result for
the person at a greater cost, and in the overall evaluation can be concluded that it paid off to make this great effort to achieve the goal. It’s so similar
in our lives. In this sense, let us try to understand Jesus’ words: “I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. ” Let us have the courage to fight evil daily so that we can, at the end of their lives; they could triumphantly say, “I fought a good fight.”

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