Predicted persecution.

When we read history books or hear about the beginnings of Christianity, sometimes chills run down our backs from the horror of what torment the martyrs did not hesitate to submit only to not deny Christ. For us, already slow we forget the communist era, these testimonies are somewhat distant. We will say: “It was a long time ago, now there is religious freedom, everything is fine, nothing like that for us not in danger… “
The main idea of ​​the read text of the Gospel is persecution, which awaits the confessors of Christ: “They shall deliver you up with judgment, and shall scourge you … for to me … All of you will hate you for my name’s sake ”(Mt 10:17). We see that this generally happens where Christianity has something to say where it affects life; it is there that his opponents fight him. Those who reject Christian moral principles, do not have the courage to attack directly to the person of Jesus Christ – but they focus their anger on the pope, they laugh at
The Church and its representatives ridicule religious institutions and
Christian activists. We observe such actions in our announcements means; angry pitfalls also concern us personally.
“Everything for me,” says the Lord Jesus. It’s all as if incorporated into his works of salvation. Christ suffered to establish the kingdom of God; all those who continue in his work, must share in this suffering. Suffering and enduring hardship for Jesus is very different from the suffering we cause by our own stupidity or as a result of doing evil. The first is an honor for us and is a reason for reward. That the second suffering in a shame.
If persecution comes, it does not mean that we are in such situations
to be preserved as a flock of rams that kill women. After all, the Lord Jesus recommends: “So be careful like snakes … don’t worry about how and what you will be to speak … you will be given what you have to say. ” And so we should be clear opinion on truth and falsehood, on good and evil … Then it is necessary to know what to say and what not to say, to whom to say and how to say. To the brave, it will be “given” to the believer, the Lord Jesus promises; because a brave believer it does not act in its own name, but represents the person of Christ – it will not remain without his support and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Thank God we live in a time when no one threatens our lives for Christ and faith. On the other hand, please  for the Gracie in those adversities with which ours have often tormented God’s receding society and uses more psychological pressure and ridicule, which can also break the character. Only with God’s help can we fight this fight for the victorious end.

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