The sin and holiness of God.

Everything that happens down here is because the Almighty wants it. Whether by allowing it or by doing it himself. There is no doubt that God does well even when He allows evil, for even evil happens only when it is God’s intention, and God’s intentions are always good. Although evil itself is not good, it is good that it is good and evil in the world. Why are they wrong? This is how the good often asks those who have to endure the bad. St. Augustine answers. Do not think that the wicked are in vain in the world and that God cannot extract good from this fact. Every evil one lives either to be corrected or to test the virtue of the good. A sinner today can become a great saint of tomorrow. St. Augustine gives us this example. Even if evil people do not improve and are a burden to us, let us protect ourselves from hating them because we cannot know whether everyone will persevere in this anger until the end. It is scarce for a person to give his work a certain degree of perfection, and if he fails to do so, he breaks the job and begins again. God has given man an excellent gift of freedom. Freedom means that a person can degrade, do something wrong. But God will not destroy man. It gave him a chance to correct himself; he started again—the bigger the evil, the more excellent the good that will be gained from it.

When we admit that evil triumphs over good numerically, it does not mean that it is equal in weight, a single act of virtue transcends all sins so much. There are no such crimes that often do not have a providential mission. They strengthen fluctuating virtues, teach patients, allow love to prove heroic. Delusions help to find the truth. Revolutions remove great iniquities. There is also the difference between God and man. A person is guilty of allowing to commit a sin that he could have prevented. Even if God does not prevent evil, even though He could prevent it, he remains holy. Human justice is not equal to God’s righteousness. It is up to God to act as God and to man as man. God acts as God when He acts as the first cause, the Almighty, which uses both good and evil. That is why God is not bound to prevent evil. He can get sound out of him, for example, from the crime of the Jews, the sacrifice of his Son, whose perfection and merit are endless. Thus, as he cannot be deprived of the power to prevent evil or the ability to extract sound from it, he uses both according to a rule which may not be known to us.

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