About getting to know a person.

Why don’t we know certain things about life enough and incredibly convincingly enough? Perhaps because we do not learn sufficient existentially, vitally, we do not see enough how a religious question and truth intervenes directly in life. We need to take the nap of everyday life to see that knowing God is more important than knowing the latest news from sports. We must learn to distinguish and recognize amid ordinary things what is behind them, what is in-depth, what does not change, and what still lasts. If we are to understand certain things about ourselves, we must not drown in superficialities and details. We need to recognize what is irrelevant and go boldly into the depths of the most important. Who remains only on the surface. He is asleep, laughs, drives a car, and never thinks about life as a whole; he is not disposed to understand the essential truth about life. The fact must be deepened, as the Exupéry says.

The image of God is lost in a distracting view. It is necessary to go into depth. Honestly and with a certain humility. Since the time of the first man, many people have been hiding from God. Then they say. God is hard to find. The root of things is elsewhere. There are many rooms in us. We have the keys to them, and we open them. But from the innermost depths of our interior, there are two keys. God has one key. We can keep him out and hold our key. But we cannot let anyone else into the deepest depths; God will not give us His key. If we grieve and do not let God in, we remain empty in the deepest depths – no one resides in us.
We have long since discovered a severe feature of knowledge. Cognition is not just pure reason and pure logic. He knows a particular person. Me you. This specific person is subject to many influences and hobbies. Something is apparent to one, the other objects indefinitely. We have different views on the same thing. In knowledge, it is our relationship to the truth. The truth can only be known to us if we are internally willing to pay attention to it if we are interested in it, if we want to know it. If I’m not interested in math, I’ll probably never try to understand it fully. However, my friend devotes a lot of time and attention to her, but he understands her. If we are not interested in knowing what it is like, if I do not have a deep inner willingness, the truth about some things may remain hidden from me forever.

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