God is free.

And does it even have to prove it? We love freedom. We are proud and jealous of her. Freedom could be lacking within God, who is the most perfect. God is accessible in all his vibrations relating to creatures. He could refrain and create nothing. And when he wanted to develop, he was free to choose between several possible worlds. God says St. Irenaeus was not forced in any way. St. Augustine supports the teaching that God is free in the words of Scripture. Be light. And God saw that it was good. These words show us that God created quite freely, without any coercion. He made everything purely from his goodness for the sole reason that it was good. God, as the creator, shows his greatness not only by the creation of great things but also by the creation of small things, in which instead of greatness, one must admire the wisdom with which they are constructed. Elsewhere, St. Augustine proves the freedom of God in the words of Psalm 138: The Lord created everything He wanted in heaven and on earth, in the sea and the abysses. He didn’t have to do what he did, but he did what he wanted. You build a house because if you didn’t, you wouldn’t live. To accomplish this, you need to know. This is not of your own free will. You make a garment because if you did not do it, you would walk naked. Here, too, the need moves you to work. But when God created something, He did not make it because He needed it. Nothing forced him to do that. If we humans want to be free, let us do what God wants us to do. Our freedom is limited on all sides, fenced off by hundreds of obstacles. Each of our passions, each of our prejudices, is a new obstacle. Teach the children your true freedom, and do not misuse this name by giving it an unrestrained extravagance.

The first degree of freedom is sovereignty and independence. This degree of freedom belongs only to God. We have the second degree. To this degree, we depend only on him. Tertullian speaks. Only this is freedom worthy of man. Reasonable margin, which is maintained at its height without being exalted or reduced. Space that elevates itself as an honor to give way to God. False freedom is to want to do your will. We were born as subjects of God because our liberty cannot consist of complete independence. The desire for independence is the freedom of Satan and his followers, who wanted to rise above God on their own. Far from us, such release has plunged proud spirits into eternal bondage. The children of the world think they are free when they wander the world here and there. They called this wandering freedom. They are like children running out without knowing where. That is the freedom of sinners. You enjoy true freedom. If we serve God, we will enjoy true freedom.

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