God exists.

But leave things entirely different from anything else. It does not exist as a tree, nor as a house, nor as an idea. He exists as God. He cannot be sought so that we can see or hear him or capture him with instruments. Even human love cannot be touched and seized in this way. God is a living Person. It is necessary to seek it with reason and heart, especially love. That’s the way it is in our world. In our world, it is so that otherwise, we are offered some material thing. Otherwise, we meet a person, and we stand before God in an entirely different way. Things around us have no insides or personal secrets. They are issued to us as if at our mercy. We seize minerals, trees, and their fruits; we take animals. It’s different with a person. We cannot hold the man. One is much more inside. If I know a person from the outside, I know him very little. The secret of man is inside him. . One cannot seize the inner secret of man. I can only get to a person’s secret by opening himself up to me. I can receive this trust in faith and love. We call this the actual encounter of man and man.
What about our encounter with God? Is it possible to meet God? God is the most hidden mystery. We don’t have access to it. We can’t take it. We can only wait for his initiative if he does not show love to us. Then we could accept his revelation and meet us. This is precisely what has happened in our history; God has spoken to us and made himself known to us. He appeared to us. He said most fully and revealed himself to us in Jesus Christ. Many people have difficulty with faith. I remember when I was a soldier, one soldier told me. If he were God, it would not have happened what happened during the war. Not only he but many like him were outraged against God. Why are they not enraged against people who have committed crimes? It is said that God had to stop them. These people don’t know what they’re saying. They realize what the world, society, would look like if God consistently prevented any evil from being done. Or there would be a limit. God would allow less evil, but he would intervene with greater evil. And not just in war, but in every crime, all over the world. If that were the case, man would no longer be accessible. God wanted man to be free. That is, man has free will. He can abuse this free will. God knows it; he respects it. However, this is not proof that if God were, He would not allow it. So if he did, he doesn’t exist. Such a statement has no logic. God is not responsible for evil in the world, but man. Everyone should be very aware of that.

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