The accused God.

Many people blame God. They make him responsible for all the evil in the world. War brings terrible suffering to people. But why make God accountable for war? Why God commits such a crime. Have we ever asked why he committed our crime? How many people have claimed that they determine morality themselves, that God is dead, that they do what they like? However, when others declare their morals and do what they want, at the expense of others, and begin to drop bombs, they remember God here and blaspheme. Double meter. Sometimes we ask how politicians can behave this way. How come they abuse their position? I ask who raised them. Who instilled in them moral principles? Are parents, educators, without guilt? Why argue that we have difficulty with faith. Are we not afraid to face our lives, especially in?
Let’s not ask endless questions of doubt. Let’s not resort to constant criticism. Criticize yourself too. When a person realizes his responsibility, he sees both his doubts and his past in a different light. Tomas Merton, the convert, wrote in his book The Mountain of Seven Degrees. I knew the law of human nature, inscribed in the human nature of man. Just as one wishes to build a house, cultivate the land, and have a family, one must desire communion with other people and acknowledge the expected dependence on God, who is the Father of all. Are you preoccupied with your science or worries about life and can’t handle the question of God? You are leaving this question aside. Maybe you’re honest about it. Perhaps. But whether it is reasonable to avoid this question permanently. I need to ask myself, what is the meaning of my life, where is it headed, what am I going to meet when I leave this country. Everyone has a view of life. Everyone sees the meaning of their life in something specific. It’s just what it is. The question of God is this way. Man finds in himself and only by his action the whole truth, especially all the strength necessary for our lives. Does all happiness come entirely from us? Do we have the opportunity to save ourselves only by our power? We can also suppress questions within ourselves. But what will be the consequences? If God is not, man is the lord of the earth and can do whatever he wants. History teaches us where it leads when one can do what one wants. How difficult is the path of man to God, many times? How many uncertainties and twists and turns on this path. In a sense, modern man has a difficult situation. While people lived a more natural life, they had the opportunity daily to encounter the mysteries of the world and life, which they thought about and pointed out in secret to God. The view of the size of the universe, the idea of the growing grain all aroused the respect and admiration of the man. Modern man is usually locked in his city, in his block, in his apartment. It rarely comes into contact with living nature. Maybe only during the holidays. It is surrounded by apartment buildings, concrete, water supply, electric light. It is not about underestimating civilization and technology. Civilization and technology obscure God’s footsteps. Concrete and glass do not tell us about God and his presence as clearly as the view of a germinating plant. Concrete and drink do not reveal God’s footsteps to us. But traces of a man. A man stops by himself. Only reflection on oneself can then lead him to God. There are many other difficulties in this. One is too distracted by the modern way of life and cannot concentrate.























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