Free will

Last time  we asked a difficult  question.Why did God not  create  such  people  who  cannot sin, and  who  must always obey  God.They would  not have spoiled  the  world even in the  beginning. They  would  not  spoil it  now and  we  should all be  well. We  would  live happily. God  can do  everything, surely  He  could  have  created  us  so   that  we  could not  do  anything  wrong. It is a  diffucult  question, but  i believe  you will  understand  the answer. I’ll give  you  two  examples. Mary  had  a very good mother. Daddy died when  she  was a little. But  Mary  had  everything she needed. Mommy took  care of  everything. She  was  sewing late  into  the  night, just  to  have  Mary  everything  she  needed.She never  left  her alone, knowing  Mary  would  be  afraid.She  never  told her  now leave  me alone.In  the  evening  she  told  her  stories. Mary  thought it had  to be,  that  every  mother  was such as her  mother.Once Mary fell ill. Once  Mary  got sick Mom  called a doctor and  Mary   had to  go  to  the hospital.She  was  very  sad  there, but she  knew that  mother  was  even sadder. Every  day  her sister brought a little  gift with leaflet.Mary felt at the hospital, how much  my  mother likes her.There were  children in the hospital. On the next bed lay  Olga. She was always very sad.And especially  when Mary was  pleased with what her mother  sent  her.Olga then turned away,was annoyed and even cried once. When they asked her why she didn’t want to say. But once Olga entrusted Mary with her grief.Olga lived in a children’s home, but was not an orphan.Her parents lived.But they didn’t want her.she committed them.They had other  interests. So they put it in a children’s home.There she also had everything  she needed. She just didn’t have the most important thing.Parentes  paid for it and sometimes came to visit her. Sometimes father took her by car took her to a candy store but that was all. But when it was Christmas Eve no one came for her.And at that time she was particularly sad,for most of the children had come someone for Christmas.When Mary found out she realised the goodness of her own  mother. And then she realised that it wasn’t always that every mother liked her child.As long as Mary thought,mother otherwise she cannot be, you didn’t value her love.Another example.One old uncle lived all alone. He was sick,so he didn’t go anywhere. He hadn’t heard a human voice for days. So he bought a parrot.And he taught him to speak. Don’t be sad I’m here.There was no silence  now,for the parrot  had repeated it all day. Once it was pretty warm and he felt better sitting down  in the garden.It was close to the fence and he saw what was being done  in the neighbor’s garden. Father  And son were spading together.Elderly son sitting reading under a tree.But said he didn’t want,as late as reach,Father saddened.The younger son ran away and brought it to him.He said exactly what a parrot.Don’t sad I’m here.What ist the difference? The parrot couldn’t say anything else.But could that old man be happy about that? The parrot never told him not like the older son. The parrot could not insult him,him disobeyed.But just otherwise he could not  haven’t his words Worte. And so it is somehow with us. God could create us toto that we could not Marke revisions,whether we warnt to ob et love ihm.Hat Prise  it  would then be? We would then be like  that parrot. Each of the wo neighboring Boys could deside What  they do. The One who obeyed, was willing, to feel satisfied and happy.The felt badly unpleasant. It the parrot learned to spevák something ugly he would never be ashamed of it.The parrot  cannot offended anyone or suffer.But he can’t  really happy.God wanted to make us really happy,so He gave us freedom, but also the freedom to spoil,destroy,choose misfortune instead of happiness. If he made us just do well, he wouldn’t be  happy about it,nor would it bring us happiness. You understand it  now.But  that is not  enough to  understand. We have to choose for  ourselves what is good and  right  which will make us  happy. We must choose  to live  with God.Blessed are those who walk the path of life  without spot, who walk the path of life without spot


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