Pope Francis

Pope Francis: “You can be flawed, anxious, and sometimes irritable, but remember that your life is the biggest business in the world. ” Only you can prevent it from falling. Many respect, admire and love you. And you don’t know it, but there are people for whom you are unique. I want you to remember that happiness does not have skies without storms, walking without accidents, working without fatigue, and personal relationships without disappointments. To be happy is to find strength in forgiveness, hope in struggles, trust in fear, and love in contradiction. Being happy doesn’t just mean appreciating a smile but also thinking about sadness. It is not only about remembering success but also about learning from failure. It is not only the joy of applause but the joy of anonymity. Being happy means recognizing that life is worth living despite all the challenges, sadness, misunderstandings, and moments of emotional and economic crisis. Being happy is not a destiny but a conquest for those who know how to travel in their being. To be happy, stop being victims of problems and become actors in your story. It’s like walking through deserts outside yourself, but you find an oasis deep within your soul. It is thanking God every morning for the miracle of life; being happy means not being afraid of your feelings. It’s all about talking about yourself. Have the courage to say “no” even from those you love. It’s all about having the confidence to take criticism, even if it’s unfair. It’s hugging children, cuddling parents, poetic moments with friends, even if they hurt us. To be happy is to live as a free, comfortable, and straightforward creature in each of us. Being an adult means saying, “I was wrong.” Have the courage to say, “forgive me. It is to have meaning to say, “I need you.” It is the ability to say I love you. May your life become a garden of opportunities to be happy. May you be a lover of joy from your sources. May you be a friend of wisdom during your winters and peace. And when you mess up along the way, you start over. Well, you’ll be more passionate about life. And you’ll find that being happy doesn’t mean you have a perfect life. But he uses tears to tolerate water. Use your losses to sharpen your patience. Use Fallas to create peace. Use pleasure to banish pain. Use obstacles to open windows of intelligence. Never give up… Never give up on the people you love. Never give up on happiness because life is a show not to be missed! » Pope Francis invites everyone, regardless of where they are, faith or religion, to a moment of collection, meditation, or prayer for The whole planet to unite in prayer for PEACE. If you can forward this, please, humanity will thank you.

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