Healing the deaf-mute Mk 7, 31-37

Hearing impairment is severe because it can significantly affect a child’s development. The degree of disability and the age at which the disability occurred are essential. The way of communication is significant. They are hearing disability results from an organ or functional disorder in any part of the auditory analyzer, pathway, and cortical centers. A person is born with congenital deafness. In this case, the child does not even learn to speak, it becomes deaf and dumb, which may be hereditary deafness, an infectious disease of the mother during pregnancy or others. Deafness can also be acquired during life as a result of overcome diseases. According to the evangelist, it was deafness from birth.

Muteness is the loss of the ability to speak or communicate using speech. In contrast to the deaf-mute, hearing is preserved, so mutes hear but do not speak. Loss of speech can manifest as an inability to speak normal language, with the affected person being able to make certain sounds. Deaf mutes from birth could not learn to talk because they were born deaf. In our case, it was such a person. Even modern medicine cannot treat this disease. The lives of such disabled people can only be improved with the help of technical aids, but it cannot cure deafness and muteness from birth.

From the above we can see that 2000 years ago Christ also healed such a severely disabled person, which we cannot explain otherwise, except by confessing that only God can prove it. Thus, Jesus is the God who usually healed with simple words three times, even at a distance (Mt 8:5-13; Mk 7:29-30; Jn 4:46-54). In this case, he first used external signs: he touched his ears and his tongue, looked up to heaven with a sigh, and worked a miracle with his powerful words. 

Another peculiarity is that there is no mention of the condition of faith for healing. The sick person is healed, not because of his proven faith, but because the mighty Son of God came into the world to indicate the final salvation with a miraculous sign. Both peculiarities can be explained if we consider that the miracle took place in the Decapolis, a pagan resort with a famous bath on the eastern side of Lake Tiberias. The Lord thereby gave a certain message to the Gentiles while using the signs of the practices of the ancient doctors.

The physical healings performed by Jesus always have an existential relationship to salvation because sickness and death are the consequences of sin, and its definitive overcoming also includes the elimination of sickness and death. By healing the deaf and dumb, he wants to tell us: You, too, are often deaf and dumb, unable to listen and give an excellent response to God’s word. 

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