Show me God.

Theophilus of Antioch says. If you tell me, show me your God, I will tell you. Show me your soul, and I will show you my God. Show me if the eyes of thy soul are not blind, if the ears of thy heart hear. Those with sound bodily eyes know how to distinguish an object from the object, light from darkness, white from black, and ugly from beautiful. Likewise, the ears, when they are sound, discern sounds.
In the same way, our spiritual eyes and ears must be sound so that we may see and hear God. God will show Himself to those who can see Him, that is, who have their eyes open. All can see the sunlight. But it does not mean it does not shine if they do not see the sun. If the blind do not see the sun, let them not blame the sun but their eyes. Therefore, if your eyes are covered with sins and evil deeds, blame yourself also. The soul must be kept clean as a mirror. If the mirror is dirty, you cannot see your face.
Similarly, man cannot look at God if a man has sinned. See if you are not fornicating, adulterous, stealing and cursing, poisonous and envious, honoring your parents, for God will not reveal Himself to those who do these things until they are rid of their sins. But you can be cured if you want. Surrender to the physician. Let him heal the eyes of your soul and heart. Who is the physician? It is God. He gives health and life through His word and His wisdom. If you understand this and live purely holy and righteous, then you will be able to see God.

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