Titles of the Holy Spirit

The action of the Holy Spirit is universal. You can describe according to the titles given to him by the Holy Scriptures and tradition. In the first place, he is calling the sanctified; it sanctifies Christians and makes Christians holy But who can be called a saint? In the Old the law insists that God is holy. John holiness is inaccessible to people. So he can’t find either approach to the places where God appears, where he feels him for the present. When Moses wanted to see up close burning bush, heard a voice: “Stay back here!  for the place where you stand is holy ground.” (Ex 3.5). Later, when Moses arrived at the same place with all the people that came out of Egypt, the holiness of God. He was told, “Go to the people, and sanctify them today and tomorrow; let them wash their coats and be ready for the third for the third day the LORD will come down before the day the eyes of all the people on Mount Sinai. You will draw around the people border, and you will say: Guard yourself to climb the mountain, or I touch its edge. Whoever touches the mountain, he must die “(Ex 19: 10-12). Even more impressive is the vision of the prophet Isaiah: “That In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord.
He sat on a high and upright throne, and his hem robes filled the temple. Above him stood seraphic: each had six wings, two of which he hid the face, he covered his legs with two and floated with two. They called to each other: The LORD of hosts is holy, holy, holy; the whole earth is full of its glory. ‘ The thresholds of the thresholds moved from the caller’s voice, and the house was filled with smoke. And I said, Alas, I am lost. I am a man of unclean lips, and among the people of unclean lips I dwell, and I saw the King with my own eyes, The Lord of hosts. ‘ One of the seraphic flew to me. He had it in his hand the embers he took with the pliers from the altar touched my mouth and said: Behold, this has touched your lips; your guilt is taken away, and your sin is atoned for “(Isaiah 6: 1-7). These excerpts are instructive. Above all, in them emphasizes that holiness is the exclusive attribute of God. From moral purification is required of those who approach him. However, in Isaiah’s vision, the opposite also appears
aspect: the right approach to God purifies itself, makes it immaculate. This makes it easier to understand how words are used. In the contemporary speech, we refer to the term “holy” of a morally perfect man. P. Maria is the holiest because she is not defined by any sin. Church
prescribes to the man before approaching St. communion, cleansed from sin. But are we able to do it? Without God’s grace, no one can achieve moral purity. These are the two poles of the same fact: we must keep clean in order to draw closer to God, and to, on the other hand, it purifies the approach itself to him. That is why theology speaks of “moral holiness” – which manifests itself in a blameless life and about “ontological holiness”, which is the presence of God in the soul. We hereby verify the secret of the New Testament in this way: the Holy Spirit who dwells in our hearts, makes us holy and undefined before God, but on the other hand, we must try to preserve. Do you know the Holy Spirit? We know this title from the Creed, where we confess that The spirit “gives life”, is invigorating, gives life. In the creation
of the world, life appears as the crowning work, first of plants, then of animals, finally of man. God breathed in him into the nostrils breath of life. Thus man became a living creature (cf. Gen 2: 7), an image of the living God. From this description, we see that life is always their
divine gift, takes place gradually. An experience that the Holy Spirit gives us, he is sacred, as we have already reminded him, he is participating in the Holy Trinity. And yet they are Greek
The fathers believe that he is our “natural life.” If people lived by nature, there would be no sin in the world. The term “nature” has the same root as the verb “to be born”. A similar origin
also has the Greek term physics. In this context, live “Natural life” means for the first monks
to return to paradise life: the temptation of evil is overcome, the body obeys the soul, the soul of God. Even the universe responds to its original subordination to man: in the life of the saints of the desert, we read that wild animals, lions, snakes; wolves put themselves at their service.
The fathers also emphasize that there was a great spring in paradise that gave life to the whole garden, although in paradise Titles of the Spirit it didn’t rain. In a symbolic sense, it is in life
Christian by this source of the Holy Spirit, living water promised to Christ, who is able to bloom again every desert soul caused by sin.

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