Form of creation

Did you see building.This is  gonna take a lot of  work to measure the land, dig the  foundation, materieles store the bricks  to the bricks, set the  windows,doors , water pipes, power lines.Indeed much is, to build a house. Many  people do  the  work, thereon work a lot  of people are  working on it and  there nust still be  someone to manage the job,who looks at  the plans. He  orders them to do what and how to do. And now imagine that a person would be found who would build a great office worker himself. He would invent it himself, he would draw plans all by himself.And he would  do all he  needed to  do  the  öuse  himself. Nothing would buy new   ones and  no  one  would help him. It is not  even  possible there  is  no such person there  is  no such  person.And if however don’t would him admire? Now image that a second person  world be found,who, would invent and make just  a tine grain of sand.  He would put it on the ground and of this grain,would build a house all by himself, with everything that must be in that house,so everything is in the drawings  and  plans, how the house will look,how to do something and how to proceed and even the materials , the pipes, the  glass, the cables, all of that would be  in that little sand grain.Even with the power to do the same.Which of these people would you admire more? Which is  harder,which is greater art? Surely the order.Now, let us return to what we already know about the emergence of the world. When you learned that everything was created  by God,you probably thought,that God did it somehow as if you were playing  in the sand.You make a hill,valley,river,cave. You imagined creation,that God taking some kind of glowing matter, it sun and stars. Then he made the earth and made on  it  mountains,seas, the rivers and the lakes. Then he put there trees, grass,flowers. And he released birds into the air, fish into the water, and all the other animals and man to the ground.People have long thought it was somehow. Because the Bible says that everything  was created by God. God wanted,that we know, that he created  everything.That we have  everything from  ihm. It is not  written in the Bible as God did.For God knew that people find out  For themmselves by their reason. Laser people imagined creation  in such a way that  God  gradually did if  himself. But it  didn’t give peace  to the  People.  They wanted to know more. Like when you get a toy.First you enjoy it, you play it. Then curiosity will catch you.what is in it. What growls there, like the wheels are moving. And disassemble the toy. And disassemble the toy.  Adpults are so too. The dismantle everything ,put  together again. So the wise people thought,researched and realized that everything that existed came from such a small grain.Smaller than a powder.But it had already hidden everything for that great future world.For example , the power of sunlight,the light and heat that we get from the sun today.was already in that first grain. There was also a progress in development. What should be sooner and later. The little seed was nvented and created by God.And he also gave people reason to figure it out, to discover it.Now say,once we know all this, shold we less admire God? When someone says that God does not exist and that he did not create the world, because the world originated from a tiny grain, what you tell him.Could it be that the grain would have formed entirely by itself out of nothing? No,one would invent it,no one would do it, and no one would put that power in it.You know it’s not possible.You feel it must have been done by a great wise and good God.


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