For God’s sake, leave everything

Do not stick to the material. Don’t many of us say what Peter says to Jesus? “Behold, we have forsaken all and followed thee” (Mark 10:28).
The Lord Jesus does not condemn this question. Still, he says those who care for him renounce family, property, and life, receive a hundredfold reward not only after death but here on earth; they will receive higher values ​​than peace of heart, clarity, and meaning of life, liberation from fear of death, freedom from slavery against low passions,  a reduction to the affection for the senses of the body. These values ​​are often higher than those taken by a person voluntarily he gives up, which he voluntarily gives for devotional service to Godhead. And these people are waiting for too eternal reward after death.

Man gives here earthly, material, perpetual things and acquires heavenly things, spiritual, eternal. It is as if a man is giving his gift to God. Imagine that we want to give something to a loved one we love and have some holiday. Before that day, we search and think about someone a nice gift that would please her. We often inconspicuously ask her what would make her pleased. Maybe he’ll tell us and maybe not, but we’re not giving up, and when on something will come, we will be pleased with this idea, which we can make in the form of a gift. At that moment, we realize that the more effort the gift costs us, the more we are glad that we can give it and enjoy the joy of a loved one when he gets it.
Such donors are also priests, religious sisters, or religious brothers. They do they give to the Lord God their purity, poverty, obedience, their whole life. These gifts are donated, i.e., they offer a sacrifice, thus voluntarily giving up the physical marriage and parenthood. Every person will have the opportunity to ask, “What do I get? What are the benefits? Is it worth it to me? ” You don’t want to do any activity unnecessarily, but he also wants to benefit from this activity. It’s just in us. Let’s be generous donors to the Lord God. Let us willingly give him ourselves and our earthly things good. Let our heavenly patrons, who were also human beings, be our model in this with their weaknesses and doubts and willingly gave up their earthly good to get the eternal ones.

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